How and Why Democrats Are Helping Derek Chauvin to Walk on Appeal. UPDATE – Juror Admits They Feared Mobs Coming to Their Homes

Political Arena Editorial:

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Derek Chauvin was convicted on all counts so why are the judge and elected Democrats doing everything they can to help that conviction get overturned on appeal?

The How

The judge refused a change of venue for the trial after part of the city was burned to the ground thus making a fair and dispassionate jury selection all but impossible.

That is grounds for appeal.

The judge did not sequester the jury exposing them to threats if they did not convict, exposure of their homes and families etc. The Jury had access to the media so they were aware of the political and terroristic pressure they would face if they did not convict.

That is grounds for appeal.

Congressman Maxine Waters came to Minneapolis and threatened violence if there were not convictions at a big press event. Since the jury was not sequestered they were aware of this.

That is grounds for appeal and the judge even mentioned it. Quite frankly, in not sequestering the jury, no judge is capable of that level of incompetence. It was deliberate.

The prosecution overcharged Officer Chauvin. While it seems that Chauvin did contribute to Mr. Floyd’s death, the drugs he ingested and other factors also contributed. The evidence just does not support a charge of murder in the second degree. If the prosecution would have stuck to felony manslaughter or just manslaughter the grounds for appeal would have been diminished significantly.

President Biden came out and spoke before the jury verdict. Again more pressure that can be piled on in the appeals process.

If Democrats wanted a solid, appeal proof verdict they would have done the opposite.

So Why?

Derek Chauvin getting convicted by the system set up by Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry flies in the face of the narrative set up by Democrats and BLM that the system is systematically racist. As Charles Barkley so eloquently stated, it would go against the politicians who gain power through division.

But if Chauvin’s conviction is thrown out because of errors to due process in his trial, which famed attorney Alan Dershowitz believes is likely, than the Democrats can push their narrative to undermine the constitutional system even more…..and that is their long game.


A juror has admitted to the press that they feared the mobs coming to their homes. They also knew that the city had settled with the Floyd family for millions thus admitting guilt.


Alt. Juror in Chauvin Trial Describes Widespread Fear in Jury

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