Trump vs. Biden First Debate: Point by Point Reaction.

There were reports that President Trump did not undergo debate prep. We believe, if true, that was a mistake.

The Biden strategy was to try and get trump flustered and emotional and to a small degree we believe that part of their strategy was effective.

Chris Wallace helped Biden by violating the debate rules. Each candidate was supposed to get two minutes to answer each question. So we timed it. On most of the questions Wallace interrupted, talked over, or cut off Trump before his two minutes were up. Trump likely felt like he has to behave as he did because it truly was two against one.

Many of the questions Wallace asked were merely accusations against Trump. Wallace worked to keep Trump talking about his accusations and when Trump started to explain things that were outside of Wallace’s allegation he would interrupt. Most of the questions Wallace asked Biden were open ended.


On Appointing a Justice:

Trump should simply point out that many presidents of both parties have appointed people to the high court in an election year just as Obama did and there is nothing unusual about it.

On Obamacare:

This is when we noticed that so far when President Trump interrupted Joe Biden, Chris Wallace came it to shut Trump down, but on Trump’s two minutes Biden interrupted repeatedly and Wallace said nothing.

On Obamacare we were pretty disappointed with President Trump’s answer. He should have simply said, Remember what Obama care did, it made most private insurance policies illegal and replaced then with expensive coverage with deductibles up to $6,000 and it was such a mess most doctors would not accept the coverage. What good is your expensive coverage if doctors wont accept it? Joe you passed Obamacare and immediately the American people threw Democrats out of Congress.


When Trump was talking about COVID and how Biden was against Trumps ban on travel with China,  Wallace shut Trump down. Well was it open exchange time between the two candidates or not?

Wallace did NOT bring up the Democrat Governors who ordered elderly COVID patients into nursing homes so that the virus could kill off thousands of elderly who were on state assistance. Trump did not bring it up either, he should have.

It was also not brought up that the Chinese Communist Party, who has slavery, disappears people, and sells organs illegally, actually endorsed Joe Biden.

On Drug Prices:

Wallace argues with Trump and as soon as Trump tried to answer Biden starts laughing and making remarks in the microphone and Wallace does nothing. When Trump starts to get to the meat of his answer Wallace shuts down Trump again to announce “open discussion.”

Back to Obamacare:

Trump made a great case on how unpopular the Obamacare mandate is. Trump started talking about how expensive the Obamacare premiums were and then Wallace butted in again.

Packing the Courts:

Biden dodges the question and tells people to go out and vote. This should end the Biden campaign right here as it would tear down the system and might even lead unrest approaching civil war.


Wallace Tries to Go Back to COVID:

Biden tries to make the case that Trump was praising China and President Xi. Everyone know that Trump trashed China and their lies almost every day. So much so that Democrats said that Trump is racist against Chinese. Biden is simply trying to rewrite history here.

Trump made the case that he saved lots of lives by shutting own travel form China and COVID hotspots early. Trump also made the case even Democrat Governors praised Trump for his response.

Wallace promised Trump two minutes to respond 1:50 Wallace interrupted Trump.
Biden blames the shutdowns on President Trump. It was Democrat governors who went way too far with the shutdowns, picking who can stay open and who can close.

Wallace points out that people under him are giving statements that are contradictory. This has been an ongoing problem with President Trump that people he puts in charge are not on board and/or have their own agenda. Trump’s biggest weakness has been that he has put the wrong people in charge of hiring and in top positions, in some cases people who actively opposed the agenda he ran on.

On Campaign Rallies:

The talking point is that Trump is bad for having large outdoor rallies, which are in line with CDC guidelines. Trump says that no one wants to come to a Biden rally so he doesn’t have them.

The Economy and Shutdowns: Biden Wants It Both Ways

Trump blasts certain Democrat governors for abusing the shutdowns (picking winners and losers and enforcement selectively for partisan reasons). President Trump points out that the shutdowns are having a terrible effect on jobs suicide depression. Trump points out that Biden wants to shut down the country like Democrat Governors have done in their state and Biden did not dispute it.

[Editor’s Note: President Trump nominated Judge Barrett who ruled, quite outrageously that the Illinois shutdowns are constitutional because of an archaic and draconian 1905 court ruling.]

Biden says that Trump is bringing back the economy only for millionaires and billionaires.

Biden lets it slip that he indeed wants to shut down the whole country but wants to have it both ways:

“He is going to be the first President to have fewer jobs than when he became President….The idea that he is insisting that we go forward and open when you have almost half the states in America with significant increases in COVID deaths and COVID cases and he wants to open it up more. Why does he want to open it up? You can’t fix the economy until you fix the COVID crisis.”

Biden is blaming Trump for job losses because of COVID and then blasts Trump for wanting to get the economy back open. How do you get jobs back with the economy shut down Joe??? This is textbook “Orwellian Doublespeak.”

The number of COVID deaths has been dropping according to the official CDC numbers so these increasing deaths Biden is claiming simply is not the case.

Biden says that Trump has done nothing to help small businesses. That is patently false. The Small Business Administration has been giving grants and loans to help small business during COVID, but a new round of funding or the program needs funding and Democrats in the House of Representatives are blocking that aid.

Wallace Accuses Trump of Not Paying his Taxes:

This is ridiculous. Biden gets asked “what is your plan for …” and Trump gets asked a question that is simply an accusation. This tactic by Chris Wallace is designed to keep Trump on the defensive so he does not have the time to talk about active policy proposals.

Biden says that Trump’s tax cuts did not help the American people. Yours truly had his standard deductible doubled by the Trump Tax Cuts that saved this writer enough money that it had a real impact. A freelance writer, ghostwriter and researcher like yours truly barely etches out a living. The doubling of the standard deduction helped regular working people significantly.

Biden says that the business tax should be 28% not 21%. Will that really encourage US companies who moved to Mexico and China want to come back home? Why isn’t Trump saying this (because he didn’t prepare as he should if one believes the press reports about Trump’s debate prep)? Also, Businesses never actually “pay taxes”, they just pass on the cost of those taxes to YOU in the form of higher prices – so YOU pay them.

Wallace’s next “question” to Trump is another bogus accusation:

Wallace claims that Obama had greater job growth in his last three years than in the first three years of Trump’s. If that is true than why did Trump have the lowest unemployment rates for women, blacks, Asians, and Latinos but not Obama? If that is true why was Obama calling dismal 1.6% GDP growth “the new normal” while under President Trump in Q3 2019 Trump’s GDP growth was 2.6% just before COVID hit.

Obama said “those jobs are not coming back:

Next Wallace Question on Charlottesville is Another Veiled Accusation:

Why are we talking about Charlottesville when BLM/ANTIFA leftist violence in Portland, Seattle, Kenosha, Minneapolis, New York and Chicago was so many times greater with much more property damage and many more people killed?

Biden starts out by lying about President Trump’s “very fine people” statement in an attempt to make him look racist – but it is a lie and you can see for yourself HERE and HERE.

Trump fires back on the 1994 crime bill where Biden called blacks ‘predators’ which is on Youtube, but in the middle if saying 1994 crime bill Trump cuts himself off. The people need to hear these things.

Trump is right that he is now letting people out of jail from Biden’s legislation who got outrageously long jail terms for minor offenses. Wallace finally stops Biden from interrupting.

Trump touts his support from key military leaders and law enforcement unions. Trump talks about the violence in Democrat cities and points out that Democrats fear these far left mobs so much that they are afraid to mention law and order.


Wallace to Biden: Do You Believe There Is a Separate but Unequal System of Justice for Blacks in This Country?

Biden says that there is systemic injustice in this country in our schools and law enforcement and the way it is enforced. Then why are you against school choice Joe??? – Again wishing Trump was better prepared.

Biden says that most police are OK and that violence is never appropriate.

Wallace lets Biden give a lengthy answer to this question but when Trump tries to respond Wallace cuts him off again. At this point Trump isn’t taking it and has a great response blasting Biden asking if all the violence and burning and people killed what you call peaceful?


Why was Biden never asked about his praise for and attending the funeral of a former Grand Kleagle of the KKK?

Richard Spencer, an active white supremacist, endorsed Biden Why no questions on this?]

Wallace Question to Trump is another Bogus Accusation: You stopped Racial Sensitivity Training. Why?:

Trump did not stop sensitivity training. What he stopped was Critical Race Theory sessions that preach Marxism, rewrites American history and is so inflammatory it makes racial tensions worse. President Trump, while correct in his response, did not explain the problems of it as well as he could have, again debate prep could have had an impact here.

Wallace know what Trump is saying about Critical Race Theory is true as any review of the “course” materials show this definitively, and yet there is Chris Wallace with his follow up asking again what is wrong with racial sensitivity training as if Trump didn’t just give an answer.

Wallace to Trump: You Blast Crime Rates in Democrat Run Cities But Crime is Up in Tulsa and Ft. Worth Which Are Ran By Republicans

Another accusation question aimed at Trump. Wallace’s claim here is preposterous as it is as apples to oranges as it gets. Here are the crime statistics for Chicago, Ft. Worth, and Tulsa.

The national average for murder is 5 per 100,000 people. Chicago is at 20.7. Ft Worth is at 6.5 and Tulsa is at 14.9.

The crime increase in Fort Worth is not nearly what it is in Democrat cities. Wallace is just wrong on this. The crime spike in Tulsa is a very recent phenomena and has been brought on by sudden population growth, so much so that police could not grow with it and now Tulsa and OKC have a policing problem. Oklahoma passed new funding for more police but it will take time to train them and get them on the street.

The problems in Chicago, Baltimore, St Louis, Detroit, San Francisco and so on have had systemic corruption and crime for decades of Democrat one party rule.

Trump makes the case that there is no comparison between Oklahoma City and places these Democrat run cities. Biden talks about COVID and such again.

Wallace to Biden: What is “Reimagining Policing” and Do You Support BLM’s Call for Community Control of Policing?

What Chris?? BLM does NOT call for “Community Control of Policing” They call for defunding of police. Wallace should be called out for this.  Biden says that he is opposed to defunding police, but Biden has tried to walk on both sides of this issue.

Biden gives a very good answer on police reforms including escalation training. So why did Democrat’s in the Senate filibuster to block just such legislation written by black Senator Tim Scott?

Trump challenges Biden, “tell me one law enforcement group that supports you? Can you name even one?

Wallace Finally Gets Critical on Biden:

After an hour of softballs… Wallace to Biden: Earlier You Said You are the Democratic Party (as the Nominee he is the head of the party). Have you ever called these Democrat Mayors and Governors who had 100 days of riots telling them to get help from the National Guard and put an end to this?

Biden gives an answer that might have just ended his campaign: I don’t hold public office now.  Wallace called Biden out on his copout, as his answer was stunning.

Biden then says that Democrats’ could get it all taken care of if Trump would just stay out of the way. Another stunning cop out. This may be the straw that broke the Biden campaign’s back.

Trump grew angry at Biden’s comment and talks about how the Democrtat Mayor and Governor did NOTHING after a Trump supporter was hunted down and killed in cold blood right in the street. Trump had to send in the US Marshalls to get the shooter.

Biden then blames the riots on Trump saying that Kellyanne Conway said that, “Riots and chaos and violence helps Trumps cause”.

Did Kellyanne really say that? We looked it up and Biden is spinning wildly. Here is the complete video clip of Conway’s interview and below is the exact quote which Conway made about contrast as when the riots were happening Democrats were blaming Trump when he told the mayors and governors all they have to do is ask for help. This was her response to the Democrats’ allegation:

“The more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence reigns, the better it is for the very clear choice on who’s best on public safety and law and order.”

Wallace Sets Up Another Canard to Trump: Will You Condemn White Supremacists and Militia Groups who showed up at Kenosha?

Trump’s answer was like sure, who do you want me to condemn? Trump was flippant because the question was ridiculous. What militia group has burned down part of a city, looted business, and even killed some of the business owners? Trump says that it is Biden’s allies in ANTIFA that are doing the burning and looting and Biden will not condemn ANTIFA – and as soon as Trump starts to explain this Wallace starts yelling and him-hawing to stop Trump’s answer. What happened to each candidate gets two minutes to answer each question Chris??


Biden then pulls out FBI Director Wray’s dishonest comments in front of Congress. Director Wray has been less than helpful at helping to uncover the crimes committed by FBI personnel from the illegal spying on the Trump Campaign and the laws broken by the Mueller team. Another bad hire by Trump. Wray should have been fired a long time ago.

Wallace: Why Should Voters Elect You:

Trump talks about fixing the military, fixing the Veterans Administration, low unemployment before COVID, Trump’s record on getting better judges on the bench etc.

Biden goes back to the totally debunked Trump/Russia collusion fake scandal where elements of the Deep State and the FBI tried to manufacture evidence that Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin.

It was under Biden’s Vice Presidency that Russia invaded our ally Georgia. It was under VP Biden that Russia invaded Ukraine in spite of the fact that we had a defense agreement with them.

Remember this:

Wallace Blames Forest Fires on Climate Change:

Trump correctly talks about forest mismanagement in California and rightly so. Trump also points out that our pollution numbers are better and that our carbon emissions are down as well and while Trump is trying to explain this Wallace continues to interrupt him and trying to trip him up as Wallace clearly did not want Trump to have a good answer.

Then when Biden answers he starts going on about an economy built on green energy (which is scientifically impossible), elements of the “green new deal” which was rejected by Congress overwhelmingly does Wallace interrupt at all? Nope. Wallace lets Biden go on and on until Trump has had enough and he starts to fight back and Wallace talks all over Trump and then gives Biden another minute.

Wallace: How Confident Are You That We Will Have a Fair Election

Biden, immediately blurs the line between unsolicited mass mailing of ballots that people didn’t ask for vs real absentee ballots that people have to apply for and get.

Trump explains the difference between a legit absentee ballot and a mass mailing of ballots. Trump blasts Biden and Obama for trying to start a coup against Trump by manufacturing all this phony Russia stuff and the FBI’s own documents showed how VP Biden was in on the meeting to entrap and set up General Flynn who was Trump’s National Security Advisor. Notice that Biden does not deny this as he knows the released FBI documents implicate him directly.

UPDATE – 100,000 flawed ballots in New York

Wallace: 31 Million People Did Mail In Voting

Once again Wallace does not distinguish the difference between mass mailing of ballots and a genuine absentee ballot. Wallace ignores the dozens of newspaper stories and prosecutions for vote fraud and illegal ballot harvesting. If you don’t believe it, watch this from Congressman Ilhan Omar’s district:

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