Reactions from Justice Ginsburg’s Death


President Trump reacts. No politics, total class:

Below are the Fox News’ reactions. A worthy tribute that is once again respectful, completely classy and informative:

Former VP Joe Biden’s Statement – After a brief tribute, just like Democrats do at funerals, they get political immediately. This is deliberate as Biden is clearly reading a written statement. Biden says that we should wait until after the election to nominate and used the example of barack Obama in 2016, but Biodens leaves out the key difference – Obama was a lame duck and Trump was the following President. In this case Trump is not a lame duck and is heading for an even wider margin of victory than he won in 2016.

CNN and MSNBC are having a meltdown. Most of their coverage is centered around how they can defeat any potential Republican nominee, Orange Man bad etc. As more clips appear online we will insert more of them here.

The social media reaction to Justice Ginsburg’s death from the left is toxic as one might guess. Much of it is simply too disgusting to bother posting much but anyone reading this can search Twitter and look of themselves. The usual “if Republicans nominate they should burn it all down” etc. Considering the fake allegations Democrats drummed up against Justice Kavanaugh it has become clear that the Democrats will just use hearings to smear and intimidate any potential nominee.

The social media reaction from conservatives center mostly around several differing types of comments; those speaking reverently, those reminding us of how the left gleefully  trashed Justice Scalia at his death, those reminding us how the Democrats have already trashed Ginsburg’s most likely replacement and how they are about to smear her.

The Democrat talking point on how long it takes to get a confirmation just is not true:

The judge most likely to replace Ginsburg is Amy Coney Barrett:

This meme popped up on Twitter…

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