No, Tucker Carlson Did Not Advocate Murder. Media Lies Again….

Since when is saying that it is “unsure” if the Kenosha shooting was justified and that “the court will have to decide” is somehow advocating murder?

The video clearly shows that the 17 year old with the rifle was being attacked and one of his attackers was armed with a handgun when shot, another tried to smash his head in with a skateboard. One of the questions Carlson asks is perfectly legitimate, why are armed BLM/ANTIFA terrorists not charged and those who show up to defend local small businesses are?

Just like we are seeing with the FBI where agents and DoJ officers have been caught manufacturing evidence and lying to the courts to entrap members of the Trump campaign and administration, the Democrats have demonstrated time and time again that they see the justice system as a partisan weapon. They do not believe in equal justice under the law, then again marxists/communists never have.

The Democrats in St. Louis attempted to prosecute the McClusky’s who were defending their home from an armed mob were charged, but the thugs that smashed down their gate and threatened to kill them and burn down their home were not charged.

tucker carlson kenosha transcript court

Congressman Andy Biggs on Democrats ordering police to stand down and not protect people and property yet again.

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