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26 Republicans Vote Against House Effort To Defund Obama’s Executive Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

This is the influence of pressure groups and the influence of certain interests who want the cheapest labor possible no matter how many Americans go without jobs. Mathew Boyle at Breitbart News: A whopping 26 Republicans joined the Democrats in … Continue reading

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Leading Schoolbook Publisher Bans Sausage, Pork, & Pigs from Books to Avoid Offending Muslims

This is an informative example of why our public school textbooks are rife with inaccuracies. The textbook printers want to sell as many books as possible. In order to do that they give in to every omission, change, and full … Continue reading

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Romney Presidential Aspirations Fall Flat with GOP Lawmakers

The 2016 nominee has to be new blood. Voters are not buying that the same people who have been in and out of government for decades are suddenly going to reform it. Romney, hoping that the K Street crowd, who … Continue reading

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Sky News pulls video feed when reporter holds up Charlie Hebdo; apologizes… (video)

Ridiculous and cowardly? Perhaps. Because of UK’s rather foolish gun laws militant Islamists will have guns and reporters will not. It is just  that simple.

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Orwellian: CIA clears itself of spying on Senate committee…

Yahoo News: A CIA panel Wednesday cleared agency officials of any wrongdoing when they accessed the computers of a Senate committee investigating the agency’s involvement in torture. The finding ended a yearlong dispute marked by angry accusations of “hacking” and … Continue reading

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IRS Watchdog: IRS Cuts Taxpayer Services; Elderly and Disabled Taxpayers Not Allowed to Leave Messages

Despicable. The IRS was punished in its budget for using their power as a political weapon, so their retaliation is to not take calls from tax payers, starting with the elderly and disabled. ATR: In its annual Report to Congress … Continue reading

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