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Dr. Ben Carson speaks out on leftists in the elite media trying to silence him (video)

Dr. Ben Carson

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Alabama school bans Easter

Another example of how idiots, Marxists and radicalized zealots have entrenched themselves into public education and are out to “teach” your kids. A week doesn’t go by where we don’t see this kind of idiocy from public school administrators. School … Continue reading

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Gabby Gifford’s dog kills sea lion. What if it was Sarah Palin’s dog?

Media double standards and their dishonesty are at time so whopping, and yet their near complete lack of introspective prevents them of seeing even the most egregious examples like the picture below. You may have seen the video where Gabby … Continue reading

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Video: Victims of Bad Government

Bad government ruins lines, costs jobs, lowers our quality of life, and far too often, wrecks the lives of good people. Via Senator Ron Johnson:

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