Elizabeth Warren freaks when questioned about union members forced to campaign for her (video)

Union members are told that they will be fined if they do not campaign for Massachusetts Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren. All she has is this class envy nonsense she spews all while the big money interests and far left academics are the ones that are funding her.

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren freaks when questioned about union members forced to campaign for her (video)”

  1. Why in the world would any union member support Obama. THERE ARE NO JOBS!! I understand Union bosses supporting him, they get paid whether the rank & file work or not. For the most part Union leaders are parasites on the working man’s back. Construction is in the toilet with Obama as Prez. It will remain so as long as he is POTUS.I am a former member of Carpenters & Teamsters Unions

  2. Warren is just your ordinary over the top RADICAL left wing liberal democrat. This lady is exceptional in that she is actually to the left of Obama. I hadn’t thought it was possible to be left of Obama but there it is. If “southeys” can see through the miss-truths the Dems are shoveling, she won’t have a chance. The hard working people of Mass. must need scuba gear by now, forget about hip-waders, the verbal excretia is way too deep. She wants the rich brought down and the poor lifted up from the $ she wants from the rich. The thing that should alarm you even if you agree with her is what $ amount she considers rich. It’s the upper middle class. Of course the academics would be exempt. They are the new elite. This is a typical university faculty room politician. Advice given by a group of people that have never wreally worked at a merit based free market job They will build the middle class by sliding the upper & middle into poverty. That’s the equality they seek.

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