Rep Gowdy Goes Ballistic on Ambassador Rice and Obama Administration over Lies About Benghazi Murders (videos)

Not only were our guys murdered, they were raped and sodomized. The Obama Administration doesn’t like American mercenary companies so some of the bodyguards hired were Libyans. It was those body guards who gave up the locations of our peoples secret safe house. Be sure to see our previous post : Everything you need to know about how Obama lied about the embassy attacks in two minutes (video) – LINK

Representative Trey Gowdy (SC):

Congressman Jason Chaffetz – Politics is being used to make security decisions and not security:

Jake Tapper to White House: Wasn’t it Obama who shot from the hip and not Romney?

Here are the highlights of the House Oversight Committee today:

ISSA OPENING STATEMENT – “The Security Failures of Benghazi”

Lt. Col. Wood: “On the Ground Truth” about Security in Libya Before 9/11 Attack

Benghazi Libya Attack: State Department’s Charlene R. Lamb Opening Statement

Benghazi Attack: Ambassador Patrick Kennedy Opening Statement

LIBYA HEARING: Nordstrom Refuses Oversight Staff, Given Guidelines by Own Agency

Chaffetz: US Security Experts Actually IN Libya Didn’t Get Resources They Needed & Asked For…

Rep. Burton During the Oversight Committee Hearing On Diplomatic Security in Libya (Part 1) where a State Department Official Refuses to Admit that the Attack was done by Terrorists:

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