Washington teacher leads class to bully and abuse student on video

While there are many good educators out in the trenches, one thing cannot be denied, public schools attract the incompetent, the radicalized and the foolish.

The teacher in Gig Harbor, Washington helped pin the child down while other students piled chairs on him, took off some of his clothes, drew on his feet, shoved his sock in his mouth dragged him around the room etc.

The school district of course does what they do, and promotes the teacher after a ten day suspension.

KING5 News:

Cell phone video, shot by students, shows the then 13-year-old being dragged around the classroom. It also shows several students stacking chairs on top of the boy, a classmate putting a sock in his mouth and others sitting on him while he is held by his arms and legs. Watch an edited segment of the video by clicking here.

“I was shocked. My wife broke down crying. It was tough to see,” said Randall Kinney, the boy’s father.

All of it happened in front of a teacher, who at times participated in the incident.

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I write about politics, education, economics, morality and philosophy.
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