Survey: Liberal profs admit they’d discriminate against conservatives in hiring, advancement…

The “statistically impossible lack of diversity” on campus demonstrates ideological discrimination.

It is not surprising how willing leftist academics were willing to admit that they engage in such persecution and discrimination. This is how entrenched the far left is on campus. This problem is so bad that groups such as FIRE, the ACLJ and the Alliance Defense Fund routinely take action against universities whose faculty and administrators actively conspire to engage in such persecution.

If you doubt it I will just provide a few of the thousands of examples we could list here LINKLINK :

Missouri State University orders Christian student to engage in homosexual sex act, abandon Christian beliefs, engage in far left political advocacy…or else:

In 2007, the University of Delaware’s Office of Residence Life used mandatory activities to coerce students to change their thoughts, values, attitudes, beliefs, and habits to conform to a highly specified social, environmental, and political agenda:

Teacher Michele Kerr describes how Stanford University’s Teacher Education Program (STEP) tried to oust her for her for not being a leftist:

Washington Times:

It’s not every day that left-leaning academics admit that they would discriminate against a minority.

But that was what they did in a peer-reviewed study of political diversity in the field of social psychology, which will be published in the September edition of the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science.

Psychologists Yoel Inbar and Joris Lammers, based at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, surveyed a roughly representative sample of academics and scholars in social psychology and found that “In decisions ranging from paper reviews to hiring, many social and personality psychologists admit that they would discriminate against openly conservative colleagues.”

This finding surprised the researchers. The survey questions “were so blatant that I thought we’d get a much lower rate of agreement,” Mr. Inbar said. “Usually you have to be pretty tricky to get people to say they’d discriminate against minorities.”

One question, according to the researchers, “asked whether, in choosing between two equally qualified job candidates for one job opening, they would be inclined to vote for the more liberal candidate (i.e., over the conservative).”

More than a third of the respondents said they would discriminate against the conservative candidate. One respondent wrote in that if department members “could figure out who was a conservative, they would be sure not to hire them.”


But Harvey Mansfield, a conservative professor of government at Harvard University, argues that the anti-conservative bias is real and pronounced. He says conservatism is “just not a respectable position to hold” in the academy, where Republicans are caricatured as Fox News enthusiasts who listen to Rush Limbaugh.

Beyond that, conservatives represent a distinct minority on college and university campuses. A 2007 report by sociologists Neil Gross and Solon Simmons found that 80 percent of psychology professors at elite and non-elite universities are Democrats. Other studies reveal that 5 percent to 7 percent of faculty openly identify as Republicans. By contrast, about 20 percent of the general population are liberal and 40 percent are conservative.

Mr. Inbar and Mr. Lammers found that conservatives fear that revealing their political identity will have negative consequences. This is why New York University-based psychologist Jonathan Haidt, a self-described centrist, has compared the experience of being a conservative graduate student to being a closeted gay student in the 1980s.

In 2011, Mr. Haidt addressed this very issue at a meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology — the same group that Mr. Inbar and Mr. Lammer surveyed. Mr. Haidt’s talk, “The Bright Future of Post-Partisan Social Psychology,” caused a stir. The professor, whose new book “The Righteous Mind” examines the moral roots of our political positions, asked the nearly 1,000 academics and students in the room to raise their hands if they were liberals. Nearly 80 percent of the hands went up. When he asked whether there were any conservatives in the house, just three hands — 0.3 percent — went up.

This is “a statistically impossible lack of diversity,” Mr. Haidt said.

AFL/CIO Gives $206.7 Million to Obama, Gets 40% of All ObamaCare Waivers

This is is AFL/CIO Union President Richard Trumka. He said that government should take over all private business, who speaks in front of communist revolutionary groups, and has a long history of violence. Trumka brags that he talks to the White House every day and visits twice a week (video). Trumka also says that the best way to create jobs is to raise taxes. Keep in mind that each ObamaCare waiver results in a massive tax cut.

AFL/CIO Union Leader Rich Trumka
AFL/CIO Union Leader Rich Trumka


Waivers for Favors

When President Obama was campaigning in 2008, he spoke often of his desire to limit the influence of lobbyists in Washington. There’s only one problem: the more government involves itself in the private sector, the more private businesses needs to hire lobbyists to make sure that new laws and regulations don’t put them out of business. Inevitably, the next step involves campaign contributions to key lawmakers, protection money that ensures that the law favors those with the right political connections.

In the case of Obamacare, this phenomenon shows up in manifold ways. Roy Poses highlights the story of how Dr. Elias Zerhouni, former head of the National Institutes of Health, had leveraged his position into lucrative corporate packages. Timothy Carney of the Washington Examiner has been tracking a long list of Washington officials and staffers who are taking advantage of “The Great Health-Care Cashout.”

Then came the news last week the Department of Health and Human Services has granted over 700 waivers [Note – this number is up to 1,200 last we checked – Political Arena Editor] to Obamacare’s obtuse rule that businesses drop “mini-med” plans in favor of more expensive, comprehensive coverage. Many businesses, such as McDonald’s, were faced with dropping their health coverage entirely, rather than face the prohibitive expense of complying with the new law. So rather than repealing the regulation, HHS has taken it upon itself to grant waivers arbitrarily to those whom it deems fit.

The Casablanca-style shocker is that, of the more than 2 million workers who will benefit from the HHS waivers, 40 percent belong to labor unions [as of 2011] “Waivers for Favors,” as Michelle Malkin memorably put it:

The Teamsters Union, which hailed Obama last March for “enacting historic health care reform, providing health insurance to millions of Americans who don’t have it and controlling costs for millions more who do,” obtained waivers for 17 different locals.

The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW), which celebrated the passage of Obamacare as “an achievement that will rank among the highest in our national experience,” secured waivers for 28 different affiliates.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers — which exulted after the health-care law’s passage that “finally, affordable and comprehensive health care coverage will be available for millions of working Americans” — saw eight of its affiliates win shelter from the Obamacare wrecking ball.

The Communications Workers of America, which sent its workers to lobby for Obamacare on Capitol Hill as part of the Health Care for America Now front group funded by left-wing billionaire George Soros, snagged a waiver that will spare a hefty 19,000 of its members from the onerous federal mandate.

And the Service Employees International Union, which poured $60 million into Democratic/Obama coffers in 2008 and millions more into the campaign for the federal health-care takeover, added four new affiliates to the waiver list: SEIU Local 2000 Health and Welfare Fund, representing 161 enrollees; SEIU 32BJ North Health Benefit Fund, representing 7,020 enrollees; SEIU Local 300, Civil Service Forum Employees Welfare Fund, representing 2,000 enrollees; and SEIU Health & Welfare Fund, representing 1,620 enrollees.

That’s in addition to three other previous SEIU waiver winners: Local 25 SEIU in Chicago with 31,000 enrollees; Local 1199 SEIU Greater New York Benefit Fund with 4,544 enrollees; and SEIU Local 1 Cleveland Welfare Fund with 520 enrollees. This brings the total number of Obamacare-promoting SEIU Obamacare refugees to an estimated 45,000 workers represented by seven SEIU locals.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, labor unions represent less than 7 percent of the private sector workforce, compared to 40 percent of HHS’ waivers. Does anyone seriously believe that HHS is handing these waivers out based on merit and need, rather than political self-interest?

Sweden’s Conservative Economic Recovery Continues

Related: Sweden turns to Reagan’s economic reforms and it’s working – LINK

Matt Kibbe at Forbes:

Sweden Finance Minister Anders Borg
Sweden’s Finance Minister Anders Borg

With Most Of Europe Still On Its Back, Sweden Tries Policies That Actually Work.

While the rest of Europe and the United States have gone on massive spending sprees fueled by government borrowing and tax hikes, Sweden took a different approach. In the Spring 2012 Economic and Budget Policy Guidelines, the Swedish Government and its Finance Minister, Anders Borg, have laid out a plan that is focused on lowering taxes. Their rationale? “When individuals and families get to keep more their income, their independence and their opportunities to shape their own lives also increase.”

Borg also wants to lower the corporate tax rate as a way of meeting the government’s goal of “full employment”. The government has already cut property taxes and other luxury taxes on the rich to lure investors and entrepreneurs back to Sweden. The government has also slashed spending across the board, including on the welfare programs that used to be Sweden’s claim to fame. They’ve also installed caps on annual government expenditures: real and enforceable limits that the Swedes believe are pivotal to economic stability. They explain in their Policy Guidelines that “the expenditure ceiling is the Government’s most important tool for meeting the surplus.” Imagine that, a government that stays within its limits. So why didn’t Sweden hop on the stimulus bandwagon like the U.S. and much of Europe?

Anders Borg explains, “Look at Spain, Portugal or the UK, whose governments were arguing for large temporary stimulus… Well, we can see that very little of the stimulus went to the economy. But they are stuck with the debt.” We have now seen that attempts at austerity within the Eurozone have met a similar fate: none of it was serious. As spending increases have been squandered, spending cuts have been a charade, failing to target the big government programs at the core of the debt crisis. So Anders Borg and the Swedish Government have undertaken an economic and budget plan that slashes taxes and (actually) caps government spending. If you told Paul Krugman and the rest of the Keynesians back at the onset of the financial crisis that Sweden’s finance minister was planning such action, they would have surely laughed in your face and cynically predicted doom and gloom for the Scandinavian nation. However, in reality, a place Keynesians seem to be unfamiliar with, it’s become clear that what Sweden is doing is working. And it’s working better than even Minister Borg expected.

Despite slow projected growth for 2012, Sweden is expecting annual GDP growth of over 3 percent starting next year, projected out through 2016 by which time their unemployment is expected to slide down to just about 5 percent. During this time the Swedish gross debt is expected to drop from 37.7 percent/GDP to 22.5 percent/GDP as a result of government surpluses. For comparison, US gross debt to GDP is well over 100 percent and climbing. All this success must be on the backs of the working class right? Wrong. Wages are slated to rise in Sweden by nearly 4 percent annually through 2016.

Lloyd Marcus: My Black Dad and Chick-Fil-A

This is one of the finest narratives of the power of media bias I have seen.

Lloyd Marcus:

I jump on every opportunity to respectfully challenge my 84-year-old black dad’s loyalty to Obama. Dad has been a Christian pastor over 50 years. He lives in Maryland, and I live in Florida. I called Dad to ask if he participated in Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. He said no, he had not heard about it. Then, he added, “All I know is Chick-fil-A discriminates against gays.”

Folks, I was outraged. Struggling to keep my composure, I passionately said, “Dad, that is a lie! You have got to stop getting your news from the mainstream media!”

I went on to explain to my dad what the protest and appreciation day were really about. Dad was shocked. He does not support same-sex marriage, and he was pretty grossed out when I told him that in retaliation homosexuals have planned a “kiss-in” at Chick-fil-A restaurants.

I also took the occasion to inform Dad that black pastors across America have organized to protest Obama’s support of same-sex marriage. Again, Dad knew nothing about the black pastors’ protest.

At my local Chick-fil-A restaurant, Mavis and I were the only blacks there in support of the protest, amongst hundreds of white Christians and Tea Party patriots.

So what is going on?  Why is the truth not getting to a majority of black Americans? I fault a majority of black media outlets and the mainstream media.

For the most part, conservative talk radio is a white thing.  Even black conservative radio talk show hosts have a mostly white following.

How do we get the truth to black America?  Since I am writing about this problem, one might assume I have a solution.  Well, I do not, and it frustrates me.

My conversation with Dad was yesterday.  He called me at 9 AM this morning.  “Why haven’t I heard about what Christians were doing in support of Chick-fil-A?”  I told Dad the reason is because the mainstream media, where he gets his news, is in the pocket of the socialists/progressives who embrace same-sex marriage.  The mainstream media (CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC) gave the phenomenon minimal coverage.

Dad was surprised to learn that all who oppose same-sex marriage are branded bigots and haters by his beloved Democratic Party and the mainstream media.  Dad said he does not hate or judge anyone.  However, the Bible says homosexuality is wrong.  He must stand on the Word of God.

Patriots, my excitement was overwhelming.  For years I have been waiting for the correct moment and approach to “respectfully” tell Dad that his blind loyalty to Obama and the Democrats contradicts everything he has stood for and taught me.  The moment was miraculously here. Dad was on the phone, asking questions and listening.

My mind was racing.  “OK!  OK!  How can I give him a history lesson and Conservatism vs. Liberalism 101 in as few words as possible?”  I thought, “Calm down and take it slow.”  We talked for an hour.

Dad did not know that not only did Obama say that he supports same-sex marriage, but he vowed to be an advocate of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities.  Dad told me to send him the link, which is pretty amazing, considering I have not been successful getting Dad to check his e-mail.

Dad was unaware that the Democratic Party is considering making same-sex marriage a part of its platform.

I explained to Dad that the mainstream media spins the truth and, in many cases, lies to support its socialist/progressive, anti-Christian, anti-God agenda.

For example: Dad heard from his media sources that Republicans, Christians, and conservatives are trying to ban contraception for women.  Yes, Dad was familiar with the reported “War on Women.”

I told Dad that no one is trying to stop women from obtaining birth control.  Contraception is cheap — available at Walmart for five bucks or so.  I explained that under ObamaCare, Christian institutions and Christians will be forced to fund contraception and abortion services against their will and their faith.  Again, Dad was shocked.  Dad said he does not want to fund such services.

My 84-year-old dad joined the Democratic Party in his youth, believing it to be for the hardworking little guy.  I informed Dad that that Democratic Party no longer exists.  In short, spoiled-brat old hippies run the Democratic Party today.

A majority of the Democratic Party leadership comprises far-left liberals who hate America and believe that man can fix every problem. God is an imaginary being clung to by ignorant, bitter, and racist middle Americans.  These Democrats believe they are intellectually superior — and thus far better-qualified to manage our lives.  This is why the Democratic Party seeks ever-expanding governmental controls over our behavior.  Outrageously, death panels in ObamaCare even give government power to decide who lives and who dies.

In response to the socialists/progressives’ disbelief in God, Dad, a preacher over 50 years, said, “Your house had a builder.  I did not see him.  Nor do I know him.  But I know he exists.  Man also had a builder.”

Dad ended our conservation with “I’m going to Chick-fil-A today to spend some money”.

Obama Administration Sues To Stop Military From Voting (video)

The Obama Administration is suing to make it harder for the military to vote in the key swing state of Ohio. This is not a surprise. Al Gore in 2000 sued Florida to get military ballots thrown out. Another trick is that counties ran by Democrats will deliberately mail out requested absentee ballots for military personnel late so that they cannot make it back on time. They always say “oops we made a mistake”. It is a mistake they make every election year.

Military ballots mailed late… – LINK

Dearborn Overseas Primary Ballots Coming in Despite Late Sendout: Dearborn is one of 70 municipalities included in a federal lawsuit for sending absentee ballots out past the June 23 deadline – LINK.

California counties miss deadline to send ballots to overseas, military voters – LINK.

Election clerks once again miss federal absentee ballot deadline: More than three dozen local election clerks appear to have missed a federally mandated deadline for sending out absentee ballots to military voters – LINK.