Sandra Fluke: Poster Child of Progressive Hypocrisy

Fluke also wants government to force churches to pay for birth control and abortions.  The same Democrats who called Bristol Palin a slut and every dirty name in the book are perfectly fine with Sandra Fluke’s self proclaimed (by her own numbers folks) three condoms a day, seven days a week sex habit.



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2 Responses to Sandra Fluke: Poster Child of Progressive Hypocrisy

  1. Penny O. says:

    you say this like it could POSSIBLY be the same thing to “be in a woman’s bedroom and womb” as having the right to birth control and abortion! she and every woman should of COURSE have the right to demand the government stays out her womb or her womb’s business, and we’ve all seen the damages that can occur when abortions are illegal. Let’s not move BACKWARDS people. Let’s continue fighting for women’s rights as citizens to have control over their own decisions and own bodies!

    Political Arena Editor Responds:

    Penny, one can legally have an abortion and birth control, as long as you pay for it. You do not have the right to make someone else pay for your recreational activities. Once someone else pays the bill the choices you have become more limited. If you care about choice as you claim, this should concern you, but I could not help but notice your lack of concern over the choices of others, specifically, those who do not want to pay for abortions and your recreational activities. So forgive me if I suspect that your concern for “choice” is insincere.

    Also Penny, I am not so concerned with what women do to their own bodies, if you wish to legalize prostitution that is your choice, but what I object to is the murder of innocent babies, especially for reasons of convenience, sex and/or race of the child. The founder of Planned Parenthood, was an outspoken racist and eugenicist who spoke plainly of her desire to use abortion to keep the black race down. Now with well over 30,000,000 black babies aborted it seems that Sanger is getting her wish and you just don’t seem to care. So forgive me if I also find your concern about human suffering to be insincere.

  2. Ryan says:

    Bullshit. Sandra Fluke’s testimony had NOTHING to do with abortion, you stupid bastard. She was advocating for private insurance companies to cover birth control. Conservatives were claiming that birth control was not medicine, and Sandra Fluke provided examples of women who needed to take birth control for medical reasons, such as to prevent ovarian cysts which rupture in the absence of birth control pills, causing extreme pain and infection. Sandra Fluke was speaking out for people who don’t have the ability to make their voice heard to the government. She’s a lot more courageous than your bitch-ass, making your bullshit demotivationals online.

    Political Arena Editor Responds:

    Readers, this is an example of the mindless hate that we often see from the left. We tend to leave leave such hate screeds in moderation, but since this one actually includes an argument about ovarian cysts we are letting it through, but debunking this nonsense isn’t difficult.

    Ryan, try to lower your rage level and think for a moment.

    We are well aware that some women use the pill for this very issue, but who do you think you are kidding? The number of women who use such drugs for those medical reasons are rendered minuscule in comparison by those who use the drugs for recreational unprotected sex and everyone knows this.

    Your argument is similar to using the forcible rape issue to justify abortions for convenience/sex/race of the baby up to and including the third trimester.

    Have you heard us oppose the use of such drugs for treatment of such cysts? No. Have you heard us oppose legitimate insurance covering treatment for ovarian cysts? No.

    Let us be clear, we have no interest in banning birth control. We do oppose the government forcing others to pay for it, especially over the First Amendment rights of others.

    Also, some types of these same drugs can be used to induce abortion which most certainly is the slaughter of an innocent child. It is perfectly reasonable if others decide, on religious or moral grounds, to oppose participating in such a heinous act by paying for it.

    I suspect that you would consider yourself to be “pro-choice”? When others are paying the bills choice becomes the first thing that is endangered.

    We also must correct you on this issue, Fluke Wanted the Catholic Church to pay for the birth control for her recreational reasons, but she wanted them to pay, either directly or through a third party such as an insurance company. She went to school at a Catholic University for the purpose of trying to make them pay for it.

    Lastly, one can obtain a monthly supply of birth control for the same one would spend for a meal at Burger King. Walmart and Target sell it dirt cheap, and in fact some clinics either give it away or sell it even cheaper. So to imply that birth control is hard to obtain is silly on it’s face. What is even sillier is that Sandra Fluke claimed that the costs for her birth control is $3,000. That would be about the cost for her to use three condoms a day every single day she was enrolled at the university.

    Ryan, your arguments do not have a leg to stand on. Thanks for your comment.

    P.S. – Sandra Fluke also wants others to pay for sex change operations –

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