UCLA Students to be asked to declare sexual orientation when applying…..

Yet another example of how radicalized to the point of bumbling abject stupidity academia has fallen.


The next influx of UC students may be asked to state their sexual orientation.

In January, the Academic Senate recommended that upon accepting admission offers from a University of California school students should have the option of identifying themselves as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender.

The UC Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools had mixed reactions but agreed that the question would allow them to collect important statistical information. They recommended putting the question on the SIR forms instead of college applications to protect students’ privacy.

The news made the front page of UCLA’s campus paper Daily Bruin and is stirring controversy across UC campuses.


Sandra Fluke: Poster Child of Progressive Hypocrisy

Fluke also wants government to force churches to pay for birth control and abortions.  The same Democrats who called Bristol Palin a slut and every dirty name in the book are perfectly fine with Sandra Fluke’s self proclaimed (by her own numbers folks) three condoms a day, seven days a week sex habit.


Sandra Fluke Being Run by White House

Sandra Fluke claims to have no money for birth control, but she is flying all over the country speaking and appearing. How is she even attending class? How much it cost to have Anita Dunn’s PR firm (her husband is White House counsel), the PR firm that is closest to the White House, represent you?

Wal-Mart sells birth control pills for $9.00 a month. Many not for profit clinics give them away or sell them for even cheaper than Wal-Mart, but no, the Catholic Church needs to be forced to pay for “day after” abortion pills? Give me a break.

UPDATE – There is now a Send a Condom to Sandra Fluke Facebook Group – LINK.