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UCLA Students to be asked to declare sexual orientation when applying…..

Yet another example of how radicalized to the point of bumbling abject stupidity academia has fallen. CBS LA: The next influx of UC students may be asked to state their sexual orientation. In January, the Academic Senate recommended that upon … Continue reading

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Sandra Fluke: Poster Child of Progressive Hypocrisy

Fluke also wants government to force churches to pay for birth control and abortions.  The same Democrats who called Bristol Palin a slut and every dirty name in the book are perfectly fine with Sandra Fluke’s self proclaimed (by her own numbers folks) three condoms a … Continue reading

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ShePAC attacks Obama’s hypocrisy on civility

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Sandra Fluke Being Run by White House

Sandra Fluke claims to have no money for birth control, but she is flying all over the country speaking and appearing. How is she even attending class? How much it cost to have Anita Dunn’s PR firm (her husband is … Continue reading

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