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Journal of Medical Ethics: It is ethical to murder babies after they are born

I will just deal with the objections right up front: This is just two whacky professors… No it is not. This is the Journal of Medical Ethics which is a peer reviewed publication. In order for this article to appear … Continue reading

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AWESOME: Andrew Breitbart Faces Unhinged Occupy Author On Live Radio (video)

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Law School Deans Violate Law To Skew Rankings

Ben Shapiro at Big Journalism: Professors Morgan Cloud and George Shepherd of the Emory University School of Law have released a ground-breaking study showing that law school deans all over the country have been lying in order to obtain better rankings … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh Tribute to Andrew Breitbart (video)

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Andrew Breitbart – Warrior

Via the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity:

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