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Obamacare: Taxpayers Must Report Personal Health ID Info to IRS

After recent revelations, perhaps it is time to just change the name of the IRS to the KGB or the STASI. The motto of the STASI was “the sword and shield of the party”. Americans for Tax Reform: The new … Continue reading

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Smaller insurance companies going away thanks to Obamacare

As we have said several times before and even when yours truly wrote for his old college blog, consolidation is a goal of the progressive secular left. What is consolidation? It is when smaller players are driven out of the … Continue reading

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You paid the high cost of RomneyCare in Massachusetts….

This study from the Beacon Hill (Economics) Institute at Suffolk University illuminates the disastrous results of the failed experiment known as RomneyCare and yet presidential candidate Mitt Romney continues to stand by the program. Here are the key findings from the Beacon … Continue reading

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