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NAACP, Democrats, & Teacher Unions Team Up to Kill Charter Schools for Inner City Minorities (video)

It is like the teacher unions have said time and time again, the union is not there to help the kids, they are there to support union power. The NAACP, when it was ran by Republicans who founded it, actually … Continue reading

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Attitude Change Propaganda: Gun Violence, a PR Executive & Whopping Lies

[Note: This article was quoted by Eric Bolling on The Five – fxn.ws/1kRPBlz ] Continuing on with our attitude change propaganda series, put this one in the “how far will they go to lie to you” folder. If one were … Continue reading

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Dana Loesch: The RNC Doesn’t Get It, Focused On All The Wrong Things (video)

Our pal Dana Loesch however does get it. She goes over several of the points we made in our Why Republicans Lost analysis. The message Dana delivers in this video is a total home run. One thing is certain, this … Continue reading

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