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New York middle school forced girls to ask for lesbian kisses

It gets better, the boys had a class on how to spot “sluts”. Ironically, this kind of forced behavior is exactly what every homosexual person I know opposes. The school’s excuse ‘state law made us do it so we are … Continue reading

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College Republican Takes Pinhead MSNBC Host to School (video)

Via Independent Journal: In this video, Touré, the one-named host of MSNBC’s The Cycle, attempts to humiliate Alex Schriver for being Republican. He suggests that something happened to him that has forced him into being Republican before Schriver confidently fires … Continue reading

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SNL’s Jon Lovitz Slams Obama, Taxes, and the Fake 99% ‘ers (video)

“I voted for the guy. I pay 50% and he is telling me that I don’t pay enough?” See a backup copy of the video here: http://content.bitsontherun.com/previews/9ocyGezi-svqBtzyp

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