CBS News Finally Admits Cloth Masks Aren’t Effective (video)

The WuFlu escaped a level 4 containment lab. Do you really think that cloth mask is protection? Fear propaganda sells….

Twitter Bans Inventor of mRNA Vaccine for “Misinformation” (telling the truth)

Russel Brand “Gob-smacked” to Discover Hillary Clinton Behind Trump/Russia Hoax

In case you didn’t know, the evidence from Inspector Generals reports, released FBI emails and documents as well as FISA Court docs have proven beyond reasonable doubt that the Clinton’s in league with key players at the FBI, DoJ, DNI, CIA and key members of the House Intelligence Committee manufactures the Trump/Russia collusion evidence. 
This web site as well as many others have been posting this evidence and it is not difficult to find online if you wish to explore the subject further.  

Journalist John Solomon is a good place to start