Texas Sues PA, GA, MI and WI in Supreme Court for Illegally Changing Election Rules. 21 States, Trump /w 106 Members of Congress Join – Election Mega Post XII

The Constitution is crystal clear that the process of choosing electors in the Presidential election is at the please of each state’s legislature….not some state judge, not the state secretary of state and not the governor, but that is exactly what happened in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Those not authorized to do so changed the election rules eliminating things like signature verification and the other checks used to ensure ballot integrity. In short these states, without approval of the legislature, changed the rules to make ballot fraud easy. The result is that the illegal ballots cause Biden to “win” states that Trump would have won handily if only legal ballots were counted. The result is that states who followed the rules just had their interests nullified by states who did not.

The Supreme Court is the court of original or first jurisdiction when states sue each other, so the Supreme Court almost certainly has to take the case. As a matter of law this is a slam dunk. The four states in question did indeed change the rules illegally and in violation of the plain text of the US Constitution – this is not rationally disputable. The Supreme Court has ruled twice upholding this constitutional language with the most recent being Bush v Gore. The Constitution provides two remedies in case this happens (the Founders were smart in anticipating this). The first is that the state legislatures simply pick the electors to send themselves…if this happens Trump wins almost certainly. The second remedy is that if said states declines to send electors or if they are in dispute – after the new House of Representatives is seated, they pick who the President will be with each state delegation getting one vote – if this happens Trump wins.

Senator Ted Cruz is going to argue the case in front of the Supreme Court. For those who might not be aware, Ted Cruz was a famed litigator who has won in the Supreme Court before he ran for Senate. Is short, in a case like this Ted Cruz is at his very best.

Viva Frei – a Canadian attorney, summarizes the lawsuit – this is very much worth your time:

UPDATE – 21 States!




Just for added measure, this is also worth your time:

As is this:


OH! The Irony….





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