AG Barr and John Durham Betray America – FBI Clinesmith Guilty Sentencing Memoranda Shows Coverup of FBI Misconduct

Attorneys Viva Frei and Robert Barnes analyze the Kevin Clinesmith sentencing memoranda from the Department of Justice (DoJ).

In order to keep spying on Trump and his advisors, the FBI lied to the FISA Court in order to keep the FISA Warrants renewed so they could get the spying approved. Unless one has been hiding under a rock, readers know declassified internal FBI documents and Inspector General Reports show that the FBI knew full well that there was no Trump/Russia Collusion and that they knew it from the beginning. The notes of meetings on how to entrap Gen. Flynn and others close to Trump have been declassified. Kevin Clinesmith was caught red handed by the Inspector General so John Durham, the special prosecutor chosen by Attorney General Barr, had to so something.

FBI says in the sentencing memorandum to the judge in the case that Clinesmith – who forged an email from the CIA and willingly summited it to the FISA Court which in turn ruined peoples lives including Carter Page and put the country through three years of hell – had no criminal intent – they all knew Carter Page was CIA and they told the FISA Court that he wasn’t and made him out to be a Russian spy and a traitor to his country. Durham did not use Clinesmith’s guilty plea to get to others. Even though “Fake Russia Gate” hurt lots of people the DoJ recommends that Clinesmith get six months in prison – but for Roger Stone who hurt no one, they recommended eight years.

Please watch the video for the details. You will be disgusted. This is third world levels of corruption that is going on in our FBI, DoJ and intelligence agencies.

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