Fraud Testimony: Dominion IT Employees Blow Whistle – USPS Employees Speak Out – Election Mega Post X

Dominion-trained IT contractor Melissa Carone gave testimony in front of the Michigan Legislature:

Note – Carone testifies that ballots were being “counted” at the Department of Elections office. Ballots are NOT supposed to be counted there.

Dr. Linda Lee Carver has been involved with elections 25 yrs, last 8 of which with voting integrity. Watch as she defends herself from Democrat weasel State Sen @JeffMIrwin who tries to muddy the waters, she wasn’t having it:

These are the tactics used by Democrats used in the six disputed states before expelling GOP Poll watchers and workers altogether:


USPS Employees and Contractors Blow Whistle. Amistad Project Lawyers Investigate:

In Nevada $25 to $100 VISA gift cards were given away to people who were paid to vote in Nevada which is illegal: