By Jeff Cappella

That odd time when democrats are faced with the fact that Senator Kerry and President Bill Clinton facilitated the sale of restricted dual purpose technology to the Chinese communist party’s ballistic missile program. Here is an excerpt from the article I think is quite telling:

“Mr. Chung said that at their first meeting in August 1996, General Ji used the alias Mr. Xu and emerged as a shadowy figure from a kitchen entrance of an abalone restaurant in Hong Kong.
They spoke obliquely about Mr. Clinton, Mr. Chung said. General Ji told him, speaking of Mr. Clinton:

‘We hope to see him re-elected. I will give you 300,000 U.S. dollars. You can give it to the President and the Democratic Party.”

The national security impact of Loral and Hughes Corporation was so great it prompted a Congressional Research Service report directly outlining such damage. (2)

How did America become economically dependent on china communist party? As others have rightly pointed out one significant contributing factor is that we were sold out by some at the highest levels.

End Notes / Cited Sources




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Twitter’s Hiring of China-Linked AI Expert Sparks Concern – LINK

Biden’s Pick for Treasury Sec. (Janet Yellen) Opposed China Tech Restrictions – LINK

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