Kyle Rittenhouse Mega Post – UPDATED!

As many of you know we first spoke of the shooting in Kenosha HERE (BLM/ANTIFA Democrat Violence 8-26-20) just after it happened and even then by the photographs and video of the events it looked like a legitimate case of self defense.

Now we know that the man who almost got his arm blown off was a convicted felon who was armed with a handgun and fired first. Social media reports that the man says that he regretted that he could not kill Kyle. There are reports that another one of the attackers  was a convicted sex offender.

The elite media of course completely lied about the contents of the video and what happened in the shooting to smear Kyle. This is unfortunate for the elite media because the lawyer now representing Kyle is Lin Wood, who represented Richard Jewell, Nick Sandmann and others who have been smeared by the elite media. We expect that they will be writing Kyle Rittenhouse some fat checks.

Daily Wire – Kenosha Court Docs Suggest Shooting Was Self-Defense; New Video Shows Another Gun Shot First – LINK

Kyle Rittenhouse spotted cleaning Kenosha graffiti before shooting – LINK

NewsBusters: Nets LIE About Kenosha Shooting, COVER-UP Attacking Rioters – LINK

Joel Patrick posted a very good analysis as well – LINK.

Shapiro: Media’s TWISTED Story Catches FIRE On Social Media

Colion Noir: Let’s talk facts in the Kenosha Wisconsin shooting from a Lawyer’s standpoint

UPDATE – Tim Pool has further analysis to the media reaction and those lying about Kyle. He points out that one interesting exception in the NY Times summary of events that gets it right.

Pool also points out that prosecutors think it is easier to trample Kyle’s rights than face the backlash form the mob. This is much like when there are a group of bullies at a school, the administration will try to blame and silence the victim, because dealing with the bullies is an admission that there is bullying in their school. It is a similar mentality.

Here are the criminal records of Kyle’s assailants:

UPDATE II –  Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorney John Pierce /w Tucker Carlson:

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