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CBS Admits: Star Trek Picard Series Designed to Tear Down “White Privileged” Picard

When I attended college yours truly took several media studies classes including film studies. I had a Marxist professor who used these classes to push Soviet/Marxist propaganda. One of the lessons provided “taught” us that the classic show The Lone … Continue reading

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Tucker: You Know Who Is In Charge By The Lies They Tell & For Who

When politicians lie to protect China or attack someone who opposes Chinese hegemony it reveals who they are really working for. Now that DoJ, FBI, DNI, and House Intelligence Committee documents prove without doubt that Russia, Ukraine etc was a … Continue reading

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Protected: LH Flynn II

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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WOW – Legendary war correspondent Lara Logan calls out former Obama Spokesman Marie Harf as a LIAR to her face.

Logan is from South Africa who has no partisan dog in the hunt. Watch this total smack down: It seems that the Democrat strategy and Flynn and the Russia Hoax is just to continue to tell the same lies over … Continue reading

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Lara Logan: They Got a Pulitzer Prize for a Story that was 100% False!

Has the Pulitzer Prize has become a badge of dishonor? When Walter Durante lied about Stalin’s forced starvation of Ukraine and published Soviet Propaganda for years at the New York Times. Other newspapers who told the truth were labeled as … Continue reading

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Politician: PEOPLE WILL DIE (…if you don’t do what I want)

Do it for the Children! Don’t YOU CARE! YOU just want people to DIE! When we here this from politicians in almost every case it is because they want to take away more of your freedom and/or your money. This … Continue reading

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