Lara Logan: They Got a Pulitzer Prize for a Story that was 100% False!

Has the Pulitzer Prize has become a badge of dishonor?

When Walter Durante lied about Stalin’s forced starvation of Ukraine and published Soviet Propaganda for years at the New York Times. Other newspapers who told the truth were labeled as “right wing publications) and the result was a Pulitzer for the New York Times. The Times knew about the Holocaust against the Jews and covered it as well.

The New York Times as well ass CNN and Politico have even been lying about the content of the President’s COVID briefings when anyone can go to the White House web site and look for themselves.

On the Russia hoax, the Ukraine hoax where internal documents and released previously kept secret under oath testimony to the House Intelligence Committee we have seen the elite media lie again and again, they know they are lying and are still lying to this day. Some of these reporters are getting Pulitzer’s.

Legendary South African War Correspondent Lara Logan has had enough and is calling out the propagandists that have infiltrated the elite media.

Special Thanks to Jim Hoft for posting this video!

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