“Witnesses” in the Senate, this is what the elite media isn’t telling you….

All this talk about “Witnesses” in the Senate is misleading. This is what the elite media isn’t telling you.

1 – The Senate’s job is to look at what the House presents and judge it up or down. It is not the proper role of the Senate to try to fill the gaps that the House left. That is like asking the Judge to help out the prosecution who lied or otherwise blew it.

2 – The House did have Democrat witnesses. All of them but one said that “quid pro quo” strings attached to foreign aid to Ukraine (which all Presidents have done and is not illegal as it is the President’s job to conduct foreign policy) was either something they heard, supposed or assumed – none of which legally qualifies as evidence.

UPDATE – Watch the Democrat witnesses for yourself: 

3 – The one witness the Democrats had that did see something first hand saw President Trump say that all he wanted from Ukraine was to keep their promises and that he wanted “no quid pro quo”.

4 – Democrats want Democrat witnesses but blocked all Republican witnesses and would not let the Presidents lawyers cross examine witnesses in the House. Even now the mantra from the Democrats is that Democrats get their “witnesses” and Republicans and the President should get none. Because of this lack of fair due process any accusations that came from the Democratically controlled House is the fruit of a poisonous tree, which is a legal concept as old as English Common Law itself, and should be summarily dismissed.

5 – Democrats in the House had a chance to get all the witnesses they wanted, but they would have ask the Supreme Court for approval, they did not do so.

Why would they need permission from the Court? Because the people that Democrats want to question are Trump’s inside circle of advisors.

Why does that matter?

Because if Congress could subpoena and grill at will every person who gave the President advice said advisors would not be willing to do it and if they did they would censor themselves. The Supreme Court said that the Congress must honor Separation of Powers and cannot harass the President’s advisors. Democrats literally said “we cannot be burdened by the courts” – well sorry Democrats, that is the law for very good reason.

[Editor’s Note: The post below about White House Counsel Don McGahn is another example.]

6 – Lastly, we have a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) with Ukraine. This law compels both sides to assist each other with criminal and tax investigations. Asking Ukraine to coordinate with the US Attorney General is 100% appropriate. Democrats are calling that a crime. It’s pure nonsense.

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