About John Bolton taking corrupt Ukrainian money. It’s true and he wasn’t alone.


UPDATE – John Bolton in an interview describing the conversation between President Trump and Ukraine President Zelinsky as warm and cordial in August 2019. – VIDEO – http://twitter.com/GKeile/status/1222548002008715264


I have researched it and yes John Bolton did take $115,000 which was largely supplied by Victor Pinchuk, to attend a conference and give a speech.

Pinchuk is a corrupt Ukrainian Oligarch who was in part behind the phony “Russian Dossier” and protecting Burisma, Hunter Biden etc. Pinchuk also have the Clinton Foundation $29 million.

Other Republicans including Condoleezza Rice and Newt Gingrich took money to speak there as well. They should have known better.

The Atlantic Council (which spreads lots of money to American politicians, mostly Democrats) and the YES (Yalta European Strategy) Foundation are fronts for Pinchuk and his cabal of corruption.





John Bolton Took Six Figures From Ukrainian Oligarch Clinton Foundation Donor



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