Democrat’s On AG Bill Barr Are Truly Gifted Liars. Mueller Report Update.

Watch the video below. Democrat Congress-lady Madeleine Dean seems so reasonable doesn’t she? Well she isn’t and she counting on you to be unaware of several important key facts to get away with the wildly dishonest statements given in the video below. The Fox News reporter pushes back a little, but essentially lets her get away with it.

It is important to understand exactly what what Congress-lady Madeleine Dean is asking from Attorney general Bob Barr is illegal for him to reveal to her as a member of the House Judiciary Committee.

She is asking for Grand Jury testimony that is given to the DoJ in secret under Federal Rule of Procedure 6E. Grand Jury testimony is not cross examined and is essentially unsubstantiated allegations and information used in a fishing expedition in order for a prosecutor to see if there is a crime alleged that he can possibly charge.

Madeleine Dean and ObamaIt is unethical in the extreme for a prosecutor to not charge someone with a crime and then to release unsubstantiated rumors, hearsay and unchallenged accusations to the public to smear someone; yet this is exactly what Democrats are asking AG Barr to do. The courts have had these rules for over 200 years and the Congress has passed laws to enforce these rules for very good reasons most of which are obvious.

Congress-lady Dean is also asking that raw intelligence data gathered through covert and other means be turned over to her. She is not on the Intelligence Committee and she is not entitled to see such information. Data received during counter intelligence operations is largely inadmissible in court as people under surveillance or even moles can say or allege anything. Also, the accused would have a right to face and cross examine such accusers and witnesses.

Lastly, Congress-lady Dean goes on and on about how the Mueller Report gave no exoneration. Political Arena readers let me ask you, when a Jury gives a verdict in a trial do they say “Guilty” or “Not Guilty” (essentially proven beyond reasonable doubt or not proven) or do they say “exonerated”? As everyone knows very well the courts, juries and prosecutors never render an judgment of “exoneration” to anyone as that is not even an option available to them. They either have enough substantiated proof to make a criminal charge stick with a jury unanimously or they don’t.

Congress-lady Dean is not just a member of Congress, but an experienced trial lawyer who knows all of this very well (as is most members of the Judiciary Committee) and yet when pushed by the reporter she uses such dodges as “what do they have to hide” and makes allegations that she says are in the Mueller Report that simply are not there. She is just counting on you not actually reading it and counting on you to not understand the laws of criminal procedure which are there to protect all of us and due process.

Democrats are going to put on a dog and pony show to attempt to make Trump and AG Barr look like they are guilty “of something”, but the truth is that the “dossier” that got all of this fake Russia business going was “intelligence” that was manufactured by the Democratic Party and their allies and presented to the courts as if it was real.

UPDATE: Ted Cruz systematically dismantles Democrat’s arguments at the Barr Hearing

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