CNN Warning: You Are About To Hear The NATIONAL ANTHEM!

How reflexively anti-American has the left become? This one almost surprised us.

When CNN felt the heat of the push-back on this, they claimed it was an accident by a lone employee…..sure it was.

CNN-screenshot-550x272 national anthem warning

Via The Daily Caller:

CNN, which bills itself as “The Most Trusted Name in News,” sure knows how to put a weird damper on a perfectly heartwarming, patriotic and downright tearjerker story during the week of Veterans Day.

The video story is entitled “Sailor mom surprises daughter at school.” It first appeared on CNN on Thursday — on loan from an Indianapolis Fox affiliate.

Prior to CNN’s presentation of the video (just after the mandatory commercial), a warning message appeared for several seconds in bold font atop a two-tone black background.

“Please be advised you are about to hear an excerpt of the national anthem,” the warning declared.

Got that? Brace yourselves, America, because a snippet of the song expressing America’s patriotic soul is about to hit your tender ears.