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USA Today: More Obamacare Policy Cancelations Coming Again

USA Today: Last fall, millions of Americans breathed a sigh of relief when Obamacare didn’t cancel their health care plans. Now they’re holding their breath once again. Hundreds of thousands of Americans will soon receive cancellation letters affecting their 2015 … Continue reading

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Amherst Mass School District Goals: Social Transformation, Social Justice, Transforming Society…

..not reading, writing, science, math, literature, and the other subjects they are abysmal at teaching. The school district’s new curriculum shifts balance ‘away from the individual and towards the social whole’. The buzz words you see below are the popular … Continue reading

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Vote Machines Change Republican Votes to Democrat in Chicago

Via Fox News and CHICAGO — Early voting in Illinois got off to a rocky start Monday, as votes being cast for Republican candidates were transformed into votes for Democrats. Republican state representative candidate Jim Moynihan went to vote … Continue reading

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Watch Mark Udall’s Campaign Staff Condone Vote Fraud, Offers Job to Get More Fraud Votes (video)

James O’Keefe strikes again. In this video you will see Democrat staffer after staffer working for Mark Udall condone and advocate for vote fraud. One staffer even offers the Project Veritas reporter a job to engage in vote fraud.

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Obama Sec. of Labor: Bringing in more immigrants will raise your wages! (Whopping Lie)

There are lies, damn lies, statistics and holy cow man gimme a break lies. This one falls into the latter. The idea that bringing in record numbers of skilled and unskilled labor when one adult of working age in four … Continue reading

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20 Ways the Government Wasted Your Tax Money

And they say they are under funded… CNS News: Every year, Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn and his staff compile an exhaustive volume of wasteful government spending from that year. The 2014 tome is chock full of government waste ranging from … Continue reading

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NAACP, Democrats, & Teacher Unions Team Up to Kill Charter Schools for Inner City Minorities (video)

It is like the teacher unions have said time and time again, the union is not there to help the kids, they are there to support union power. The NAACP, when it was ran by Republicans who founded it, actually … Continue reading

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New York Post: 850 voters in NYC are 164 years old

If voter ID is about vote suppression, it is about keeping the dead from voting. New York Post: A single Bronx voter listed in official records as being 164 years old led Board of Elections officials to review their files … Continue reading

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Chuck Woolery: Hollywood liberals don’t redistribute their millions to stage hands & extras working for free (video)

There are many people in Hollywood who actually work for free in an attempt to make that contact and get a foot in the door. That includes actors, stage hands, artists and tech people. While Maserati Marxists like Ben Affleck … Continue reading

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Jon Oliver Blasts Obama Administration for Failing to Help Military Translators Facing A Death Mark (video)

Jon Oliver describes the nightmare visa application process the Obama Administration and State Department has made it for translators who put their lives and their family’s lives at great risk by helping American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Long story … Continue reading

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Obama’s pick for Ebola Czar a population control freak… (video)

First of all, the fact that President Obama picked such an infamous political fixer such as Ron Klain speaks volumes of how the administration views this problem; namely as a political one, not a medical one. UPDATE: Congressman Trey Gowdy … Continue reading

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Obama to Democrats Facing Election: Do what you need to do, say what you need to say to win (video)

Tell ’em what you need to tell ’em, cash it in and all is forgiven on election day. Famed Democrat strategist Bob Beckel says that such a tactic is perfectly fine. It’s called lying. This is what is happening with … Continue reading

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Video: Alinsky Trained Agitator Shuts Down CNN News Crew (video)

This is a textbook example of Saul Alinsky style agitation via trained “community organizers”. See how he speaks about “the narrative”. Notice how the agitator hits on various talking points, some having to do with Ferguson and some not, and … Continue reading

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Guess What Ferguson Police Found on Missouri Anti-gun Democrat

Gun control is about “guns for me and not for thee”, never forget that. Via The Blaze: Missouri state Senator Jamilah Nasheed, a Democrat who was sponsored several “anti-gun” bills in her state, was arrested Monday night during a protest … Continue reading

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Government to Church: Celebrate Same-Sex Wedding or Go to Jail

And this is how political violence starts. The Daily Signal: For years, those in favor of same-sex marriage have argued that all Americans should be free to live as they choose. And yet in countless cases, the government has coerced those … Continue reading

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Robert Reich cold busted in naked political deception (video)

This is not the first time Robert Reich has engaged in this kind of chicanery, courtesy of the oh so gimme a break liars at [Editor’s Note: Yes we said liars. So many political operatives lie so brazenly that … Continue reading

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Chuck Woolery: Obama, the great illusionist (video)

In this video Chuck nails one of the biggest problems in politics today, creating the illusion that you are doing something and all is well. It is just another form of kicking the can down the road. Case in point, … Continue reading

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NYT: $6,000 Obamacare deductibles makes seeing a doctor unaffordable

The we told you so’s just keep coming. Obama won a second term so now the NYT prints what we told you years ago. If it weren’t for term limits we doubt this article would have been in the New … Continue reading

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New Taylor Swift parody brilliantly describes everything that’s gone bad with the Obama presidency (video)

Shake it Off: Obama Version (w/ Remy) via Reason:

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History Channel Special: Armageddon – What to do in the SHTF scenario

Not that we are too worried about Ebola or the latest boogeyman. But having some knowledge can’t hurt.

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Congressman Darrell Issa Slams FBI Director Comey’s Efforts to Ban Encryption

Darrell Issa to FBI Director Comey and the Administration on criticisms of legitimate businesses using encryption: You reap what you sow. Americans have watched their government mislead the public about data collection and resist necessary oversight. The FBI and Justice … Continue reading

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Why Good Employees Quit

This article is a complete home run. We would add Mary’s first reason by stating that in a lower paying job where there is zero hope for a raise no matter how hard you work, that leaves ho hope and … Continue reading

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$20/hr Minimum Wage Endorsing Socialist Group Posts $13/hr Job Listing

Do as I say, not as I do… Via Ben Swann: Seattle’s Freedom Socialist Party, which has endorsed a $20-per-hour minimum wage, recently posted a job listing for a web content manager position that only pays $13 per hour. The … Continue reading

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Lead US Ebola Medical Center Laid Off Staff Due To Obamacare, Suffers Staff Constraints

Via the Daily Caller: The Nebraska hospital at the center of U.S. medical efforts to fight Ebola recently laid off staff due to budget cuts caused by Obamacare, and its Ebola-fighting resources are now limited due to staff constraints. The … Continue reading

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Jenny Beth Martin: A Mandate To Govern

Jenny Beth Martin via The Hill: Ronald Reagan ran for reelection in 1984 with a conservative vision of free-market economic growth and tough foreign policy to confront the Soviet Union. His opponent, Walter Mondale, ran a conventional liberal campaign, going … Continue reading

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Barney Frank: President Obama Lied About Obamacare

Daily Signal: It’s one thing for President Obama to win an award for “Lie of the Year” for promising Americans “if you like your [health insurance] plan, you can keep it.” It must sting a bit more when a political … Continue reading

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The problem with sites like Politifact and is that they, a little too often, omit certain facts to harm conservatives. They also often misreport economics news as journalists tend to make poor economists. A mistake that is far more … Continue reading

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NYT Confirms American Casualties From WMD in Iraq 2004-2011; 5,000 Warheads Found

UPDATE – NYT: More Than 600 Reported Chemical Exposure in Iraq, Pentagon Acknowledges So much for no WMD’s… During the Iraq War, U.S. troops found thousands of chemical weapons. The war's untold story: — The New York Times … Continue reading

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Millions of French flee to escape government policy, taxes, unemployment

Socialism usually has two effects on wealth, destroying it and distributing what is left from the people to the government and their cronies. Via the UK Independent: The land of 400 cheeses, the birthplace of Molière and Coco Chanel, is … Continue reading

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Why ISIS is a bigger threat than Al-Qaeda in Six Sentences

David French via NRO: Let’s make this simple, shall we? 1. Al-Qaeda carried out the deadliest attack on American soil in American history and the most devastating foreign attack against an American city since the British occupied and burned Washington during the War … Continue reading

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