Schools welcome Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) into classrooms

Schools welcome Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) into classrooms. Of course, those who follow public education issues understand that some union leaders and school administrators are members of, or are very sympathetic to the RCP.

Via EAG News:

NEW YORK – Several schools are giving radical anti-war organizations access to their classrooms.

One such organization is The World Can’t Wait, an anti-war organization started by Charles Clark Kissinger, a former Students for a Democratic Society member and longtime leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

According to The World Can’t Wait’s website, as part of its WANYS program, IVAW members visited several schools across the country during the 2012-2013 school year, often showing students the video, Collateral Murder, and then engaging them in conversations about it.

Collateral Murder is a video of two U.S. Apache helicopters firing on a group of men in Baghdad in 2007. The video was obtained, given the name Collateral Murder, and released in 2010 by Julian Assange of WikiLeaks.

The problem with the video is that, shortly after it was released, it was proven to have been edited. Yet two to three years later, the video is being shown to students by The World Can’t Wait and IVAW?

As evidenced from this video of U.S. military veteran Ethan McCord narrating Collateral Murder, it appears that even the most bloody and graphic images taken from the strike are being shown to students. In the first minute of the video, McCord says that U.S. soldiers are trained from day one to dehumanize the enemy and also “to dehumanize civilians here at home”. Later in the video, he says he encourages students to push military recruiters out when they visit schools, and then goes on to refer to military recruiters as pimps and the army as their whore.

Collateral Murder was edited to make it look like U.S. military may have fired on civilians without cause. However, removed from at least one version of the video released by WikiLeaks were crucial minutes revealing discussions of hostile gunfire and the presence of at least one AK-47 and RPG in the hands of the insurgents.

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