Scholarship at Palestinian University Named After Democrat Congressional Candidate Joe Bock (IN-2)

This is an amazing story about Joe Bock who is running against Jackie Walorski in Indiana’s Second Congressional District. This district is always a close race. Libertarian activists, unhappy with the Republican Party, have siphoned enough votes to cause this district to go Democratic with a minority of votes.

If the below is true, and it likely is as the sources are solid, than in spite of his work at Notre Dame, Bock is no friend to the Christian or Jewish community. Unfortunately Notre Dame has been moving away from its Catholic heritage in recent decades choosing to cater to the fringe left including numerous “capital C” communists as academics and administrators (Note: our editor grew up in South Bend and has worked at Notre Dame).

Via the Washington Free Beacon:

Indiana Democratic congressional candidate Joe Bock has a scholarship named after him at the Palestinian Al Quds University, a controversial institution that has come under fire for holding on its campus an anti-Israel rally that featured students dressed in military gear giving the traditional Nazi salute.

Bock, who is fighting to unseat Republican Rep. Jackie Walorski, has not much discussed the issue of Israel while on the campaign trail.

However, his past work with a group known for its anti-Israel activism, as well a scholarship in his name at Al Quds, could raise questions with some voters as Bock looks to defeat Walorski, who has built a record in Congress as a pro-Israel ally.

Listed on the Al Quds University’s “thanks” section of its website is the Dr. Joseph Bock Scholarship, which the university says reflects the donor’s “support to the educational process in Palestine, especially in these difficult situation Palestinian pass through [sic].”

While Bock’s controversial ties have not received much media attention, organizations such as the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) have highlighted his anti-Israel past.

“Joe Bock has a history of supporting pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel institutions including Al Quds University, Caritas Inernationalis, and the [United Nations’] Division for Palestinian Rights,” the RJC wrote on its website, highlighting the difference between Bock and his Republican opponent.

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