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AWESOME! Watch Stephen Limbaugh ROCK the piano (video)

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Zimmerman’s previous calls to police show no racial bias

Michelle Meyer at the Faculty Lounge law blog presented an analysis of the nearly 50 calls George Zimmerman had made to police in the 15 months prior to his run in with Trayvon Martin. His pattern of reports show no … Continue reading

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George Zimmerman rescues family from overturned truck

Via the Daily Caller: “What if George hadn’t gotten out of his truck?” That’s the question Shawn Vincent, a spokesman for George Zimmerman, posed to The Daily Caller after news broke Monday that Zimmerman helped rescue a family of four … Continue reading

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Bill O’Reilly blasts race hustlers who have let inner city youth down (video)

Wow, Bill-O pulls no punches here. It is a message that had to be said.

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Twenty Tweets from Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin’s twitter feed is @no_limit_nigga [Martin’s words not ours].  John Hawkins at Townhhall managed to archive his tweets before his family/legal team deleted them. This shows just the kind of trouble our inner city youth are in. As you … Continue reading

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“Stand Your Ground” laws have problems but are necessary

By Chuck Norton The recent trial of George Zimmerman has been used as a tool among anti-Second Amendment advocates to attack the concept of self defense, gun ownership, and “Castle Doctrine” laws also known as “Stand Your Ground” laws. While … Continue reading

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There are always men like you…..

Just surrender your freedom and the politicians will make it all better…. It is not a question of open or closed minds. Citizens are giving such politicians a benefit of the doubt that history proves they do not deserve. Too … Continue reading

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Evidence: Trayvon Martin was at 7-11 buying chems for home made drug cocktail

It is amazing how the elite media hid this for so long, but as Winston Churchill said, “A lie gets half way around the world before the truth can get its pants on”. Lean – it is a street drug … Continue reading

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George Zimmerman is no angel? Really? UPDATED!

Editorial by Chuck Norton Be sure to also read the special editor’s note below! As I sit back and go back over the trial video a few things come to mind that thinking people should to be aware of. The … Continue reading

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