Three Benghazi Whistle-Blowers Speak Out, One Still Silenced (video)

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There will also be whistle-blowers from the CIA, but they are being threatened and forced to undergo constant polygraph tests while the Obama Administration tried to keep this a secret (according to WABC’s John Bachelor. UPDATE – House Intelligence Committee Chair says that there are more whistle-blowers to come).

UPDATE – Sen. Coburn: ‘Glaring omission’ in Benghazi information from State Department to the Intelligence Committee – LINK.

UPDATE – Rand Paul: Hillary should never hold public office again – LINK.

UPDATE – CNN has had enough, blasts Obama Administration lies on Benghazi:

UPDATE – BBC News Editor – Benghazi is very serious, heads will roll – LINK.

UPDATE – Geraldo Rivera: My sources tell me that Benghazi was about running missiles to Syria – LINK.

UPDATE – Democrats still in denial..the dead are no big deal… – LINKLINK.

UPDATE– Totally awesome: Judge Jeanine Pirro – Obama Administration Lied To America:

UPDATE – Must see: Sharyl Attkisson interview on the Benghazi attack and coverup – LINK.

UPDATE – CBS News President David Rhodes and ABC News President Ben Sherwood, both of them have siblings that not only work at the White House, that not only work for President Obama, but they work at the NSC on foreign policy issues directly related to Benghazi. – LINK.

UPDATE – IBD: Benghazi Talking Points: A Lie Hillary Agreed Upon – LINK.

UPDATE – Kirsten Powers: There is something just fundamentally really, really wrong with our media…

UPDATE – Senator Rand Paul on the latest revelations:

UPDATE – Fox News gloats – We Got Benghazi right all along:

UPDATE – Kirsten Powers – Obama inserts himself in the center of these scandals because he constantly lies about them:

UPDATE – Krauthammer: Biggest scandal of all is what the President was doing for eight hours?

UPDATE – Kirsten Powers: Obama lying about Benghazi and his word games are getting old.

UPDATE – KT McFarland: Internal State Department investigation was a subterfuge. Why? Ambassador Pickering and Admiral Mullins were given such a narrow portion of the Benghazi scandal to investigate, only investigated if there was inadequate security at our diplomatic mission in Benghazi (Duh! Four people are dead, of course it was inadequate):

UPDATE – Benghazi Scandal Investigation Widening – Lawmakers Seek Interviews Of 13 Top Officials:

UPDATE – State Department: We May Not Comply With Congress’ Benghazi Subpoena – LINK.

UPDATE – Bob Woodward: I would not dismiss Benghazi as merely politics; compares it to Watergate:

UPDATE – Truth or scapegoat? State Department tells CBS News that stand down order to FEST response team was incompetence by Patrick Kennedy, one of Hillary Clinton’s Deputies – LINK.

UNSPEAKABLE – The only action President Obama took while our people were under attack in Benghazi was to Hillary Clinton to discuss the cover story:

One other whistle-blower is still being silenced by the Obama Administration – LINK  – LINK.

Editors Note – Please see our previous Benghazi coverage HERE. Also, be sure to see our two comprehensive analysis pieces  from October and November:

Benghazigate: The Obama Administration has been arming Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood in a likely effort to isolate Israel

Benghazigate Part II – “Stand Down” orders came from the White House

Democrats in the House and on MSNBC and in the Administration are calling these men liars:

Greg Hicks is a long time State Department career officer. He is not a political appointee. Hicks is the Chief of Mission which put number two in Libya until Ambassador Stephens was killed.

Gregory Hicks’ 30 Minute Recount of Benghazi Attack

Gregory Hicks (Whistleblower) Embarrassed By Blame Placed On YouTube Video:

Rep Chaffetz Questions Greg Hicks: There Was Never An Intention To Rescue US. Personnel In Benghazi:

Gregory Hicks (Whistleblower) Stand Down Order Came From AFRICOM or SOCAFRICA [Only the Secretary of Defense or Obama could have sent such a stand down order and prevent help from coming]:

UPDATE – Megyn Kelly analyzes the testimony about the stand down orders and Democrats’ efforts to paint the whistle-blowers as liars:

Whistle-blower Greg Hicks tells committee State Dept told me not to speak to Congressman Chaffetz:

Rep. Trey Goudy questions Gregory Hicks:

Benghazi Whistleblower Gregory Hicks ‘Effectively Demoted’ For Questioning Obama Administration Talking Points:

Chief of Security Eric Nordstrom opening statement; blasts Hillary Clinton’s testimony of “What difference does it make?”

Gregory Hicks responds to what Hillary Clinton said and the Obama administration’s failure to secure the crime scene:

Eric Nordstrom – Hillary Clinton was the only person who could approve personnel in Libya:

Chief of Security Eric Nordstrom. This is the man Hillary Clinton blamed for the lack of security at Benghazi:

The entire four hours of uncut testimony can be seen Part I and Part II

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