Paul Ryan Addresses The Villages With His Mother Better Douglas (video)

Paul Ryan with mother Betty Douglas

Paul Ryan introduces his mother Betty Douglas at a campaign event at The Villages in Lady Lake, Florida August 18, 2012.

Mom, I am proud of you for going out, getting another degree. I’m proud of you for the small business that you created. And Mom — you did build that!! That’s what America is all about.

You know, my grandma moved in with us—with my mom and me—when I was in high school. She had advanced Alzheimer’s. My mom and I were her two primary caregivers. You learn a lot about life; you learn a lot about your elderly seniors in your family; you learn a lot about Alzheimer’s. Medicare was there for our family, for my grandma, when we needed it then; and Medicare is there for my mom while she needs it now, and we have to keep that guarantee.

Full Video:

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