Ann Coulter Blasts Romney Campaign and Andrea Saul. Is Romney Serious About Repealing Obamacare? – UPDATED!

UPDATE – Even CNN dismantles this add showing how it is just not true:

UPDATE II – Obama lied about his campaign not linking Romney to “murder” – LINK  –  LINK.


Coulter is right. This is an embarrassment. Andrea Saul did not even seem to have the best facts straight before responding on behalf of the Romney Campaign. The question is, why does a presidential campaign have a twenty-something hottie for a campaign spokesman?

In case you missed it, here is Andrea Saul responding to an Obama ad accusing Mitt Romney of costing a man his job and health care for his family. His wife didn’t want to report she was sick and died of stage four cancer. The accusation is silly on its face. We will give the answer she should have given in a moment, but first watch this spectacle:

SAUL: To that point, you know, if people had been in Massachusetts under Governor Romney’s health care plan, they would have had health care. There are a lot of people losing their jobs and their health care in President Obama’s economy.

The text comment by the YouTube uploader is correct in that answers like this make people doubt that the campaign is serious about repealing ObamaCare. This is now the third Romney Campaign luminary who has indicated this in one form or another. This is compounded by the fact that Romney was for the national insurance mandate before he was against it.

The ad is a preposterous lie for several reasons:

1 –  Mitt Romney left Bain for the Olympics before the decision was made to close the plant and an Obama Campaign bundler was actually running Bain at the time.

2 – The company was dying and Bain tried to rescue GST Steel. The man in the video has Bain Capital to thank because without them GST Steel would have died three years earlier.

3 – The woman who died had insurance when her husband left GST Steel.

4 – And she didn’t get very ill until 2006!

5 – The Obama campaign says that the ad was done by a 527 group and that it has no control over what they do, but what they don’t say is that Obama Cabinet members are the ones funding the 527.

6 – Obama is directly responsible for almost 100,000 energy jobs lost and those are top jobs with insurance. Obama is also responsible for retirees at Delphi losing many of their benefits. Only FDR beats Obama when it comes to sustained job losses over time.

UPDATE – Soptic was offered a buyout from Bain when he worked for the company and CHOSE NOT TO TAKE THE INSURANCE – LINK.

That is why this ad is such an outrage. So it is not as if Andrea Saul did not have plenty of legit ammo to use in her response. You can be sure that some conservative voters will stay home on election day simply because they saw Andrea Saul’s remarks.

Ann Coulter:

I am going to get in trouble for what I am about to say here but it must be said. There is a problem in insider American politics that people should be aware of.

Let me preface my remarks by saying that candidates for Congress ask me for advice often as well as communications pros from around the country. While we are not nearly as popular as or Gateway Pundit this web site has a big enough impact that many in political journalism are very aware of us (and at the risk of being immodest have been aware of yours truly for several years). I spent some time in DC. When looking for work I learned that my competition for most any position included at least a dozen ladies who all are wielding serious cleavage, sparkling hair, a come hither smile, and a Masters Degree. I know through experience that countless women like this come to DC to get their Congressional and Executive Branch knee pads. If anyone thinks that “Monica Lewinsky’s” are uncommon they have not spent time in DC. Sex appeal is a weapon in politics and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you or hasn’t actually spent time in the district.

With that said does this mean that we are accusing Andrea Saul of sleeping her way to the top? No we are not. But what we will say is that she has been around for a few years, we are aware of her, and while she is certainly a hottie, her skills as a crisis communications pundit have never seemed particularly impressive [Editor’s Note – we take no pleasure in saying this and we understand that Miss Saul is a real person with real feelings. With that said this is a presidential camnpaign and the stakes are just too high to have this kind of a problem. We wish Miss Saul all the best in her future endeavors].

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1 Response to Ann Coulter Blasts Romney Campaign and Andrea Saul. Is Romney Serious About Repealing Obamacare? – UPDATED!

  1. Erik Johnson says:

    You are basically accusing Miss Saul of being a whore. Are you in competition with Limbaugh? The Conservative inclination to label every woman with whom they disagree as a slut or a whore, is disgusting. And no, it’s not right when a Liberal does it either. It’s perfectly fine to diagree with what a woman says, but trying to dismiss her by suggesting she has no morals is a repulsive act. It’s no wonder so many woman are fleeing the Right Wing nowadays.


    PoliticalArena Editor Responds:

    Erik, actually if you read the article we said specifically that we are NOT saying that. But you could care less what the article actually says.

    You see, you are supposed to read the article carefully and THEN comment; in that order.

    As far as women “fleeing the right wing” – in nine of the top ten swing states women and Catholics voted in larger margins for TEA/GOP candidates since any election since the 1984 landslide. Obama will probably lose the women’s vote in those swing states; and that includes Florida.

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