Far left and some elite media already attacking Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas

UPDATE – Unhinged Liberal Extremists Send Death Threats to Olympic Shooter – LINK.  And the New York Times totally trashed American track record holder  Lolo Jones because she is a Christian who is saving herself for the right man (and no I am not even linking it. We will not be referring hits to their trashy hit piece).

Gabby Douglas Glory to God
Gabby Douglas

When Gabby Douglas gave “All Glory to God” for her magnificent Olympic victory when the elite media already had the long knives out going after Chick-Fil-A (LINKLINK) for being closed on Sunday and supporting traditional marriage the attacks on her were reflexive. The left had already noticed that Mitt Romney’s legacy in helping the Olympics was reflected in the attitudes of many Olympians. On top of that Olympic mega-stars Michelle Kwan and Christie Yamaguchi had announced that they were working to support conservative causes and are supporting Mitt Romney. It was just too much for the left to take and now they have just snapped. The liberal magazine Salon found Gabby’s Christianity “unnerving“.

Of course, the only ones pushing back to defend Gabby are commentators on Fox News, talk radio and internet bloggers. Fox News commentator and former House GOP leadership aide Cheri Jacobus (Hat Tip RSC):

“Has the Left gone too far in fostering a culture of resentment against Americans who are very, very successful? Superstar U.S. gymnast Gabby Douglas may have seemingly become a star overnight, but she worked at it her entire life. She is being criticized for signing a lucrative deal to appear on a Wheaties box, for espousing her religious views, and even for her hair. And she’s only a teenager.

“Gabby deserves the accolades, the contracts, the fame and the glory for her hard work, success and making her country proud. The rest just sounds like jealousy and resentment. “I suppose the liberals will now claim Gabby didn’t do this on her own because the rest of us paid to build the roads she used to get to gymnastics practice.”
Gabby Douglas Corn Flakes
Gabby Douglas

NBC News (sister network of MSNBC) went so far as to play a clip of a monkey doing gymnastics immediately after playing a clip of Gabby Douglas. What if Fox News had done this? What would the left be saying? The racism charges would be flying. Where is the NAACP and the leftist groups that claim to speak for all black people? This will make your stomach turn. NBC was forced to apologize after a hailstorm of criticism from those who actually have a sense of decency.

2 thoughts on “Far left and some elite media already attacking Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas”

  1. She is a beautiful successful young lady…inside and out! …might God judge those who judge her accordingly! ..

    [You can say that again. They have gone too far this time – Editor]

  2. I was discussing this with someone and since you never mentioned which network went critical on her, other than the monkey incident. For the record, Salon found Gabby’s faith ‘unnerving’. I researched this after reading your article, so might be of mention for you.


    [Thank you for this and you are right I should have added more of their attacks. At first I did not want to re-air them, but in hindsight that was an emotional decision, not a logical one. Aside from NBC’s nasty video, it was mostly liberal bloggers, “intelligencia” talking heads, and liberals on twitter. But these people are not small potatoes as reporters in the elite media that have chosen to become a part of the Democrat Media Complex get their ideas and talking points from these very same people. – Editor]

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