Gen Flynn Phone Transcript /w Russ. Amb. Released. Shows FBI, Mueller, Dems, Media Lied.

It started as the phone call that started the whole “Trump/Russia” investigation. Now we know the plan to manufacture evidence and frame Trump Administration officials  started well before inauguration day.

The Democrats and the leadership of the FBI/DoJ under Obama claimed claimed that Flynn lied about the contents of his phone call with the Russian Ambassador, that it showed collusion between Putin and Trump and that it proved that Putin had a direct line to Trump. All of which are proved false.

Keep in mind that Democrats in the FBI, DoJ, FBI, CIA and the House Intelligence Committee all had access to this transcript. They lied about its content for years.

Here is the key part of the transcript of Gen Flynn’s phone call with the Russian Ambassador: Flynn Russ amb call1

And here is the FBI form 302 lying about the contents of the call….keep in mind when this was made the FBI had the entire transcript of the call and this 302 is a fabrication….meaning that Flynn was framed, the evidence manufactured etc. The Obama DoJ even had Flynn;s defense attorney’s working against him as Obama’s disgraced former Attorney General Eric Holder is a partner in that law firm. FBI false 302 about Flynn phone call

It is obvious to anyone reading the transcript that Flynn was clearly acting in the best interests of both countries. There is nothing nefarious about it.

Here is Senator Chuck Grassley’s take:
sen grassley reaction to flynn transcript

Democrat member of Congress Adam Schiff is continuing to lie about the transcript:

Reactions from around the web:

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