Kayleigh McEnany Blasts Twitter for Bias, Shilling for the Chi-Coms, Media Phony Talking Points on Mail In Ballot Fraud.

This is an example of what a great Press Secretary should do and also an example of how to deal with reporters who just lie to your face.

This video is also indicative of the dishonest tactics some reporters use (especially Jim Acosta at CNN). Los Angeles has 112% voter registration. meaning that they show 12% more voters than they have people living there. Because of motor voter laws in some states most anyone who gets a state ID can end up registered to vote. Many illegals and dead people do just that.

So when President Trump says that they are sending ballots to anybody, does that mean that Trump literally means everyone like a superlative? Of course not. Trump is using the superlative as a figure of speech. many salesman do this. At the same time every normal person know what Trump means when he talks like this, but nope the pinheads at CNN and the Washington Press Corps take an obvious superlative and apply it literally and then claim “Lies!”. Give me a break.

Kayleigh McEnany holds White House press briefing | 5/28/2020

Reporter Tries to Trap Press Sec. Into Saying Trump Lied — But She Came Prepared

Here is a video with a series of media reports on mail vote fraud:

Editor’s note –

Yours truly has worked elections before. In Indiana the absentee ballots are delivered to the polling place and if the polling place chief is a Democrat for example said Democrat gets an envelope with the raw filled out ballots to put in the machine. I had to follow this person with a pen in her hand everywhere she went and could not take my eyes off her for a second as she walked around with these ballots and a pen in her hand for HOURS until she put them in the machine just a few minutes before the polling place closed. She was clearly trying to spoil Republican ballots.


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