BOOM! Its DONE! Let the lawsuits begin! Hey Twitter, Facebook, and Google get ready to spend hundreds of millions in lawyer fees…

Fox News:

Flanked by Attorney General Bill Barr, President Trump signed an executive order in the Oval Office on Thursday that interprets Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 (CDA) as not providing statutory liability protections for tech companies that engage in censorship and political conduct.

To get certain regulatory protections and lawsuit protections for every smear, libel, doccing or other malicious act posted by users social media companies have to agree to certain rules which generally follow those of the First Amendment rules for a free marketplace of ideas. They have not followed those rules.

This executive order prevents anyone in the federal government form spending tax dollars at Google, YouTube, Twitter or facebook.

The order also opens up social media companies to FTC style lawsuits. This means that social media companies do not tell people about shadow banning, political bias/censorship, etc – rather their user agreements state and/or imply a free marketplace of ideas within certain obvious guidelines and as such they are engaging in misleading marketing practices.

Read the entire executive order HERE:

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