Trump Declassifies More Docs for Transparency. Democrats Freak.

Democrats say time and time again that the Trump Administration is engaged in a cover up even though less than 2% of the Mueller Report is redacted and must be under Rule 6E stating that Grand Jury testimony must be kept secret. Even so certain Democrat Members of Congress with the proper clearance can go to view the redactions, most have chosen not to while still claiming a cover up.

It is widely believed via leaks, whistleblowers and the previously released FISA Court documents that at least three of the four applications that the DoJ/FBI under Obama made to the FISA Court in order to get surveillance of the Trump campaign approved were fraudulent; in short they lied to the court to get approval. Trump is making those applications and associating documents public. Democrats are having a conniption fit.

So now, making more details about the investigation public is somehow part of the cover up, at least according to Democrats: