Editors Initial Reaction to Mueller Report

Since today was my only day off I spent it researching the unredacted parts of the Mueller Report.

It is largely a political document being filled with speculation, unchallenged testimony and hearsay. It seems the point of the document was to repeat over and over that there was no solid evidence of collusion, but to also imply the opposite.

It also intends to blur the lines between simply defending ones self from Mueller’s unfair investigation, tactics and leaks to the media (most of which were lies), that this somehow means he sought to obstruct justice.

So Hillary and her people pleading the 5th, destroying 30,000 subpoenaed emails, computers, cell phones hard drives and documents does not even raise the specter of obstruction, but Trump using Twitter, pointing out Mueller’s unethical tactics, obvious conflicts of interest and violating attorney client privilege is somehow really bad. How dare he resist being accused of treason by a bunch of dishonest partisan hacks….

It is worth pointing out that the Trump Administration, in spite of legit protests, cooperated with the Mueller investigation, unlike the Clinton and Obama Administrations who constantly, claimed executive privilege (usually tossed out by the court 9-0), plead the 5th, ignored subpoenas, violated court orders, destroyed evidence, and obstructed in every means possible.

John Stewart of the Daily Show illustrates this obstruction pretty well.

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I write about politics, education, economics, morality and philosophy.
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