Stephen Miller’s Uncle Is an Immigration Idiot. I Know Because I Did Ten Minutes of Fact Checking.

This is our response to the outrageous propaganda hit piece that appeared in Politico entitled, “Stephen Miller Is an Immigration Hypocrite. I Know Because I’m His Uncle“.

NOTE: Politico’s politics chief secretly colluded with the Hillary campaign in the 2016 election (2) to the point of submitting his work to the campaign in advance for approval.

Politico’s hit piece starts with a single fact that essentially refutes the rest of the entire hit piece:

Wolf-Leib Glosser, fled a village where his forebears had lived for centuries and took his chances in America. He set foot on Ellis Island on January 7, 1903, with $8 to his name. Though fluent in Polish, Russian and Yiddish, he understood no English.

Before 1965, with only a few exceptions, the United States generally brought in about two hundred and fifty thousand immigrants per year and the demand for work in the early 1900’s and before was exponentially higher. In 1903, just a few miles inland from the coast or largest cities, our population was sparse with a nationwide population of only 80 million. By contrast 80 million is the population of New York, California and Florida today.

Since immigration reform in 1965 over a million legal immigrants per year have been let in by Congress which doesn’t count the unknown millions of those who enter or stay illegally.

In 1903 the United States did not have huge multi-trillion dollar welfare programs, today we do and that is why merit based immigration is key to not overwhelming our safety net which is exactly what is happening now. Our prison system is also being overwhelmed. ICE reports that of all the foreign born in prisons only 8% are citizens. Non citizen federal inmates are almost 22% of the entire federal prison population.

Those numbers will continue to get worse. Why? In 1903 immigrants were expected to learn English and become Americanized and embrace our way of life. They did. Today any attempt at prompting assimilation, including learning the language, are called racist, nativist etc by Democrats. That leads to balkanization which is one of their chief policy goals.

To get a better idea of the size and scope of the immigration problem, watch the video below:

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