Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu U.N. Speech Complete Video (9-23-12)

Israeli Prime Minister Natanyahu’s speech to the United Nations where he explains his nations struggle to survive against the tide of genocidal threats and acts of violence from jihadist states.

Netanyahu also makes the case that Iran should not be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. His speech was great politics, but strategically not so much. Due to reported pressure from the Obama Administration Netanyahu postponed his “red line” date to March. The truth is that no one really knows when Iran will have enough enriched uranium to make nuclear weapons, perhaps they do already and by drawing the red line in March Iran has already been given six more months to do what they have been doing. Some have been touting the economic sanctions that are in place against Iran, but this also benefits Iran. Why? Two reasons. Sanctions do not work well against oil producing states and that is just a fact of history and Iran is served by the idea of sanctions because it gives the illusion of “doing something” while giving Iran the time it needs to enrich uranium.

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