Democrat Pollster Pat Caddell: The elite media has become an offshoot of the Obama White House (video)

UPDATE – Bill Clinton’s pollster agrees with Caddell, the elite media has become a threat to Democracy by not informing the American people – LINK.

Pat Caddell is a familiar name in American politics. He has worked for Democrats in the White House since the 1970’s. He is an old fashioned Democrat and has a record of speaking out against government corruption, so it is no surprise that the current White House (Obama) has him essentially blacklisted.

Pat speaks about how corrupt and bias the Washington Press Corps and the elite media establishment has become. We have been cataloging just a fraction of this bias and corruption, and only a fraction of it is all we can report as the problem is every day and there is no way that we could report it all. As Pat points out that major media figures have been caught more than once coordinating defense of Obama and attacks on Republicans. This is also evidenced by that fact that the only tough interview President Obama had in recent memory was from Univision.

Puppet Media
Puppet Media

Pat also speaks of something that is often said by political insiders, he refers to the Democrats as “The Corrupt Party” and the Republicans as “The Stupid Party” (a reference to how they are often politicking and media stupid).

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