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Andrew Klavan: Is America Satanophobic?

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Flashback January 2008: December 2007 Marks Record 52nd Consecutive Month Of Job Growth.

Next time someones tells you it is “all Bush’s fault” or that “tax cuts can’t work” just remind them of this. Allbusiness January 4th 2008: More Than 8.3 Million Jobs Created Since August 2003 In Longest Continuous Run Of Job … Continue reading

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Salon Publishes MULTIPLE Calls for Torture, Murder of Sarah Palin

Is anyone surprised? Our friends at Big Journalism caught only one of these, there are more. Below is what we found just browsing for about five minutes. There are thousands of hate screeds against Sarah Palin and Republicans in general … Continue reading

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Penn & Teller on the First and Second Amendment

With a special guest appearances from the founder of FIRE Dr. Alan Kors and some obscure man no one has ever heard of named Noam Chomsky. Warning adult language!

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Former socialist, former atheist Peter Hitchens: There is a lot of scorn in revolutionary socialism. You have the feeling that you know best…

Former socialist and former atheist Peter Hitchens explains the foolish elitism of the progressive secular left and how they look down on anyone who disagrees with contempt and scorn as if they are sub-human. Tell me about it.

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Dr. Thomas Sowell: Obama Economic Policy

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Dr. Thomas Sowell on Intellectuals, Barack Obama, and The Vision of the Anointed

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Dr. Thomas Sowell: Why Teachers Unions and “Social Justice” Harm Minority Students

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Dr. Thomas Sowell: Economic Facts and Fallacies

This is a must see video. Manyof the assumptions that you see parroted on campus about several subjects are fallacies.

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Dr. Thomas Sowell: A Conflict of Visions

Dr. Sowell describes the critical differences between interests and visions. Interests, he says, are articulated by people who know what their interests are and what they want to do about them. Visions, however, are the implicit assumptions by which people … Continue reading

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Dr. Walter Williams: Healthcare is not a right

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Dr. Walter Williams: Why government central planning equals tyranny

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Dr. Walter Williams: Housing Crisis Culprits

Of course Dr. Williams is black. That means if you don’t agree with him you are automatically a racist. Just ask ABC News.

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Dr. Walter E. Williams: Redistribution of Income

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Dr. Walter Williams: Washington Cost Estimates Are Lies

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PBS’ Tavis Smiley Wins Pinhead of the Year Award: Tells Ayaan Hirsi Ali that Christians in America Blow Up People Every Day

Ayaan Hirsi Ali lives under a death mark. She needs security 24/7 and likely will for the rest of her life. She made a film with Theo van Gogh about the status of women is Islamic countries. Van Gogh was … Continue reading

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Lesson for Journalism Students: Leftist Media Attack Fox News for Memo Reminding Reporters to Always be Skeptical

[Another great piece that I wrote on my old college blog.] There are two predominant philosophies of journalism taught in this country. The “Walter Lippmann (so called) ‘objective’ model” and what one of  my J-School profs called the “Looking out for the folks” … Continue reading

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NYC Communists: We Prefer to be Called Progressives

Of course they do. [By the way the reason the media report is so glowing is because RT = Russia Today – Editor] The first “great” progressive thinker is Walter Lippmann. He is the founder of modern American journalism and … Continue reading

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Does U.S. Foreign Aid Make a Difference? Should It Be Stopped?

[Editor’s Note – While I think that the foreign aid program should be re-examined just as every program should, Greg Hilton makes some points here that are difficult to dispute. The aid, when done wisely, aids the diplomatic credibility of … Continue reading

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Reagan vs. Obama

Related:  Media Research Center: How the Elite Media Worked to Distort, Dismantle and Destroy Reagan’s Legacy http://www.reagandocumentary.com/ For those of you who are too young to know. The media glowingly comparing Obama to Reagan is revisionist history. The media loves Obama, … Continue reading

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What would it take to be adored by the ‘in’ crowd….

If I wished to be cheered by the hateful, adored by those who hold the truth in contempt, and praised for my tolerance and civility in the elite media, all I would have to do is accuse Sarah Palin of … Continue reading

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Conversation with an aspiring elite media journalist

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Black Heroes of the Great American Revolution.

By The Founders: For many years the actions of black men, women, and children in our nation’s founding has been largely ignored. The enslavement of black Americans was prominent, not their contributions. We read about those slaves who joined the British Army to … Continue reading

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Baltimore Passes Soda Tax, Pepsi Closes Plant in Baltimore.

Baltimore Sun: The Pepsi plant in Baltimore will no longer make soda, and the company plans to lay off 77 people as officials have decided to stop manufacturing operations — a decision they blame in part on a controversial new … Continue reading

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Obama Administration implemented policy to have political appointees review all FOIA requests….

Those who understand politics and corruption know what this means. This gives political appointees time to destroy documents, collude to “get stories straight” and time to plan prior restraint and/or retaliation against those trying to gain information. This is the administration that promised unprecedented transparency. … … Continue reading

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FLASHBACK – Video: Obama’s Halftime Report card

Another great piece from my old college blog… Commentary: 1 – Eliminate Bush Tax Cuts – Well you already know about this, but what you might not know is that Democrats do not propose really going after the rich at all. After … Continue reading

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F. A. Hayek – How Union Overreach Causes Unemployment

Indeed when the price of labor is artificially increased beyond the value of that labor several things happen: 1 – Since there is only so much of the percentage available from variable costs for labor therefore union over reach causes … Continue reading

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David Horowitz smashes a far left talking point on “American hegemony” handed to a student…

…and you can believe  he didn’t write that himself. The “American forced cultural hegemony” talking point is a textbook example from the Marxist polemic. I had at least three different classes where this subject was covered with zero attempt at … Continue reading

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Gas prices up 55% under Obama

It must be because all of Obama’s ‘oil buddies’ at BP …. Related – Obama says in video that $4.00 a gallon gas is fine as long as it is gradual Press Grilled Bush When Gas Hit $3.00 – Nada … Continue reading

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What do students at UCLA know about Israel?

UCLA, this is not your best moment, but I suspect it is a common one.

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