Democrats Change House Rules, Turn Impeachment Inquiry into a Drumhead Trial

The House finally launches an impeachment Inquiry – This is what the media isn’t telling you.

The Democrats Resolution (with only two Dems voting no) changes the House Rules for impeachment to strip President Trump and Republicans of all due process or any defense whatsoever.

Under these new rules:

The President’s lawyer may not be present.

Republicans have no power of cross examination.

At first Republicans were not even going to be allowed to ask witnesses any questions at all, but Democrats changed it so that Republicans may ask questions, but Democrats can object and order the witness to not answer.

Republicans may not call or subpoena witnesses or evidence.

Republicans have access to evidence and transcripts heavily restricted, in some cases no access to evidence at all.

Democrats and their lackeys in the elite media say that Republicans complain about “process” because they don’t want to talk about “the facts” …..

So let me ask you this, do you think that a courtroom could ever get to the real facts with rules like this if YOU were a defendant under such rules? Process is HOW you get to the facts in the first place.

This is no different than an 1800’s style “Drumhead Trial”

Star Trek, The Next Generation did an episode on just this type of tyranny and it is nothing short of prescient. I encourage everyone to watch the following short video: