Avengers Fed Up with Brie Larson’s “Walk on Eggshells” Divisive Radical Feminism & Preaching

UPDATED! Be sure to see the Editor’s Note below!

While we do not do a great deal of pop culture reporting, it is worth pointing out that Avenger’s actors have universally approached their roles as something that is much bigger than themselves. They have treated the Marvel franchise with not just respect, but reverence and humility. This is one reason why these characters and the talented actors who play them, are so well received by audiences around the world.

There is, unfortunately, an exception in Brie Larson who plays Avenger newbie Captain Marvel. Larson has used her newfound fame and platform as a member of the biggest entertainment franchise in world history to engage in relentless “virtue signalling” and cramming her highly divisive radical feminist and cultural Marxist ideology down people’s throats.

The Avengers has always been about a group of VERY different people coming together in spite of their own personal failings, for the cause of the greater good. Along comes Brie Larson who time and time again uses her platform to spread divisiveness. Needless to say a great number of the fans resent it, as well do several Avengers cast members.

The disgust shown by Don Cheadle (War Machine) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) show towards Larson is impossible to miss. So shocking was this interview that Bombards Body Language posted an analysis of it which is very much worth your time:

Notice what Larson says in reaction to some of Hemsworth’s harmless banter “I am NOT the next Tom Cruise! I am the first BRIE! Thank you VERY much!”

Thanks to Geeks and Gamers for this video of an interview with Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) and Brie Larson (Capt. Marvel). Renner is obviously very uncomfortable with her and his body language is unmistakable. Renner has a reputation of being warm and funny so the bad behavior Larson had to display to get to this point with Renner…..

Editor’s Note:

There are many far left websites and those in the access media who engage in the same old tripe; if you don’t approve of their divisive radical neo-marxist ideologies than you are somehow a hater who wants said “minority” – in this case female leads – to fail. They present radical feminism as being synonymous with equal rights for women when they know darn well it means no such thing.

When a militant feminist condemns “40 year old white guys” as we have seen so often from the likes of Brie Larson, some at Lucasfilm and radicalized far left academics, it is not even close to saying “look how great Sigourney Weaver was in Aliens” or how “great Milla Jovovich was in The Fifth Element.” The simple fact is that those who objected to Brie Larson using the Marvel platform to cram divisive ideologies down our throat are the same people who praise the great female leads mentioned above as well as Carrie Fisher, The Clone Wars’ Ahsoka Tano, Alita: Battle Angel, and the very well made Patty Jenkins version of Wonder Woman.


The films praised by “haters” told a great story, with a character who had a great hero’s journey, who overcame personal failings to achieve something special; all while not cramming divisive nonsense down our throats.

In the case of Disney Star Wars and Captain Marvel, those promoting the movie were pushing militant feminism, condemning fans who didn’t like it, called them bad names and on top of that, had female leads that were perfect from minute one, had no journey, no growth and the story suffered accordingly.

In the case of Rey in Disney Star Wars she could fly and fix the Millennium Falcon better than Han Solo the minute she stepped on board, she could use The Force and handily defeat a Luke Skywalker trained Force user the first time she picked up a lightsaber, and after three lessons she kicked Luke Slywalker’s butt and why “because female” according to Kathleen Kennedy and militant feminists everywhere – and Luke had to be turned into a pathetic Blue Moof Milker because “equality”.

This is why The Last Jedi toys are not selling, it is why it had the largest second week drop in film history and why fans were so upset at how terrible the film was that they straight up boycotted Solo:A Star Wars Story just to teach Lucasfilm a lesson.

The reaction from denizens at Lucasfilm and their access media lackeys was to call the fans dirty names. It seems that they are under the impression that they can call their fans names, condemn 40 year old white guys and yet continue to demand that said 40 year old white guys spend their money and bring their children to films that are written poorly.

“But evil women hating Editor, Captain Marvel did a billion dollars at the box office!”

Yes it did, and as Disney has realized, it was not because of the film’s merits, it was because it was sandwiched in between the two Avengers: Infinity War films which was the climax of the greatest multi-film cinematic event in film history. Fans believed that they had to see Captain Marvel to learn more about the final Infinity War film. This is made evident by the fact that Captain Marvel’s blu-ray sales were not even 2/3rds of that of Black Panther. Apparently the “bigot woman hating rubes” liked Black Panther and bought those blu-rays.

After doing the market research Disney has learned that Brie Larson as Captain Marvel is so unlikeable that they are trial ballooning plans to team her with Tom Holland’s very likeable Spiderman.

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