Avengers Fed Up with Brie Larson’s “Walk on Eggshells” Divisive Radical Feminism & Preaching

While we do not do a great deal of pop culture reporting, it is worth pointing out that Avenger’s actors have universally approached their roles as something that is much bigger than themselves. They have treated the Marvel franchise with not just respect, but reverence and humility. This is one reason why these characters and the talented actors who play them, are so well received by audiences around the world.

There is, unfortunately, an exception in Brie Larson who plays Avenger newbie Captain Marvel. Larson has used her newfound fame and platform as a member of the biggest entertainment franchise in world history to engage in relentless “virtue signalling” and cramming her highly divisive radical feminist and cultural Marxist ideology down people’s throats.

The Avengers has always been about a group of VERY different people coming together in spite of their own personal failings, for the cause of the greater good. Along comes Brie Larson who time and time again uses her platform to spread divisiveness. Needless to say a great number of the fans resent it, as well do several Avengers cast members.

The disgust shown by Don Cheadle (War Machine) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) show towards Larson is impossible to miss. So shocking was this interview that Bombards Body Language posted an analysis of it which is very much worth your time:

Notice what Larson says in reaction to some of Hemsworth’s harmless banter “I am NOT the next Tom Cruise! I am the first BRIE! Thank you VERY much!”


Thanks to Geeks and Gamers for this video of an interview with Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye) and Brie Larson (Capt. Marvel). Renner is obviously very uncomfortable with her and his body language is unmistakable. Renner has a reputation of being warm and funny so the bad behavior Larson had to display to get to this point with Renner…..


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