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Nigel Farage of the UKIP has had enough: Goes nuclear on corrupt EU officials

[Flashback of a piece I wrote in March 2011 – Editor] While most Americans are not aware of it, the EU has become expensive, wasteful, and more undemocratic.  It is becoming a regulatory leviathan rife with corruption and power hungry genuine Maoists and other communists … Continue reading

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MEP Nigel Farage: EU Financial Transactions Tax is Kamikaze Economics

The only thing more economically ignorant than American leftists are economically suicidal European leftists as MEP Farage so correctly demonstrates. The tax that has been proposed is so painfully du…. well I will let him say it. He has the … Continue reading

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Ann McElhinney: How public schools teach children to hate freedom and humanity

In the video Ann McElhinney says that kids are fed anti-capitalist, anti-freedom propaganda almost daily. I would say that my experience in college almost mirrors that description. She also explains how our kids are shown Al Gore’s debunked movie several times before … Continue reading

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WWII Veteran Sniper Ted Gundy, Age 87, Proves He Can Still Qualify. Shoots 1000 Yard 5 Inch Group.

At 87 and he is still one of the world’s finest marksman. Now get this. His 5 inch group was 3 for 3, all head shots.

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Dr. Walter E. Williams: The Secondary Benefits of Private Property Rights

This is Dr. Walter Williams. He was the chair of the economics department at George Mason University. Recently an economics professor was fired from Indiana University at South Bend for showing students material from this man so I thought that … Continue reading

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Gallup: Americans Say Reagan is Greatest President.

Ronaldvs Magnvs Gallup: Americans Say Reagan is Greatest President. Michael Reagan comments:

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Justice Scalia on “Originalism”

Great stuff! California Lawyer: Last October marked the 24th anniversary of Justice Antonin Scalia’s appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. Well known for his sharp wit as well as his originalist approach to the Constitution, Justice Scalia consistently asks more … Continue reading

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ABC Edits Out Substantive Parts of Sarah Palin’s Answer on What She Reads

This is yet another of many countless examples of why you should always have your own camera taping any interview you do. [gigya src=”http://www.eyeblast.tv/public/eyeblast.swf?v=hd6UuzSU2G” width=”518″ height=”419″ quality=”high” wmode=”transparent” allowFullScreen=”true” ] This is why you NEVER do an interview with anyone in the … Continue reading

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Jim Rogers: Fed understates inflation (Sarah Palin Was Right Again)

Sarah Palin was attacked by a reporter for stating that there is inflation in spite of the denials of the Fed.  Palin ended up being correct (and so did we). Now Jim Rodgers weighs in. Reuters: (Reuters) – U.S. government … Continue reading

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Winston Churchill’s Warning About the American Left

This is a great read especially for students. This is an example of what you are deliberately not taught in school. Via Julia Shaw at the Heritage Foundation: One hundred and thirty six years ago this week, Winston Churchill—arguably the … Continue reading

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The Sustainability Inquisition: The beginning of Marxist litmus tests for professors.

Sustainability. It sounds like such a yummy word, such a responsible word. Doesn’t it? Do not be fooled. Sustainability is a euphemism for leviathan government, eco-extremism, the consolidation of wealth and power to an elite few, and the central planning … Continue reading

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Harry Potter Actress Beaten by Family, Called a Prostitute for Seeing Non-Muslim

Ayaan Hirsi Ali says that Islam is overtly bigoted against women, non Muslims and blacks (I am aware of how black Muslims in Arab countries are not treated well institutionally – Update: The Muslim Brotherhood and associated elements are now … Continue reading

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Klavan and Xtranormal Take on CPUSA and the Democratic Leadership Tactic of Using Crisis to Enact Government Power Grabs

The second video below  makes some very good points that are undeniable. The rhetoric used by the Communist Party and the Democratic leadership is indistinguishable. In the name of class envy and helping people both seek to use crisis to expand their power … Continue reading

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