Restoring America’s Promise

Gary Ted Welsh and Tom Zaleski

Gary Ted Welsh and Tom Zaleski, Authors of ‘Restoring America’s Promise’

Restoring America’s Promise is a great resource for the person who is looking to go from being largely unaware of civics and the concept of the ‘social contract’, such as most public school graduates, to being somewhat proficient in the basics of both subjects. While everyone has something to gain from reading this book, those who are just beginning to understand what it means to be a good citizen are served best by it. Perhaps you are becoming politically active and require a short, easy to read tome to help establish a general grasp of the basics of such subjects. Local activist groups should have this book at the top of their reading list.

Restoring America’s Promise is much more than just a history book, it ties philosophy, history, and civics with today’s values, problems, hopes and challenges; and manages to do so briefly. It is not a stale lecture delivered by an old codger. Restoring America’s Promise is a book written a Tom Zaleski, a charismatic financial planner, and Gary Ted Welsh, a thoughtful truck driver.

Restoring America’s Promise  is a brief three part explanation of the deeply rooted beliefs of the average American. Part I draws a stark contrast between the original vision of the founding fathers of a limited Republic governing the free enterprise of the people; and the Progressive vision of a socialist utopia administering to the needs of the people as a collective society. Part II shows that humanity has evolved from the rule of the few toward the participation of the people in their own governance. This evolution came to the beginning of its destiny with the American Revolution, which set the stage for the freedom and liberties of all Americans and, we contend, eventually all of humanity. Part III is the Author’s contribution to the discussion of the solution to Americas’ Constitutional Crisis of philosophical destinies.

Restoring America’s Promise is a great companion for the recent graduate or the young person interested in civics and as such is the perfect gift as the authors keep it interesting with just enough of each of the subject areas. Combined with The Day After Graduation, another short book targeted at recent graduates to teach them basic skills that are not taught in school, a recent graduate can have all of the basic personal, finance, sales (how to sell yourself) and philosophical skills to tackle the world as an informed citizen with a sure footing.

I believe in these books, not just because they deliver exactly what they promise, because to make certain of it yours truly had a small hand in crafting both of them. Every son and daughter should get them from their parents or mentors and every budding political activist can do no better than to start with Restoring America’s Promise by Tom Zaleski and Gary Ted Welsh.

NOTE: Political Arena’s minor contribution to both books was unpaid and stand to earn no money in their sales or promotion. If even just a few people can benefit from reading these books the efforts will have been well worth the time.

4 Responses to Restoring America’s Promise

  1. thomas j. zaleski says:

    Thanks Chuck

  2. Excellent, Thank you Chuck.

  3. Mr Anonymous says:

    Thomas J. Zaleski is a big government hack who uses foul language to talk down to anyone who disagrees with his point of views.

    What happened with your candidacy for congress in Arizona Tommy ? You received less than 2% of the vote and had zero endorsements.

    Stick to being an establishment RINO hack, it’s what your good at.

    [Editor Responds: While some of your critiques may be valid, or may not be, could you reword this without the personal attacks? Legit critiques are welcome. Also, I know Zaleski pretty well and while you are right about how he treats some people he disagrees with (especially if they are dishonest in their disagreement which seems the norm on some internet sites), he means well. The establishment has accused anyone who critiques them on the GOP side as being a stooge for Ron Paul, which of course is not the case.

    This very writer has taken off the gloves at times with a few people who simply will not acknowledge reason or verifiable facts that sit outside of their preconceived narrative. ]

  4. Zaleski says:

    Mr anonymous is a typical coward. Hiding behind his PC in his parent’s basement. Reveal yourself.

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