The Not So Great Democrat/CNN Bomb Hoax…

UPDATE – Suspect In Custody!

Allegedly the fake bomber is a 56 year old man with a criminal record and a history of mental illness.

What I got right:

1 – The bombs were duds and meant for show. A stunt as it were.

2 – Many of the fake bombs were not sent through the mail as I said, but rather were delivered by him in his van that he lived in?

3 – Democrats did blame Trump from the get go as if they planned for it. I guess I need to have new respect for the Democrat’s ability to get everyone on the same talking points within minutes. Group mentality? As far as messaging discipline goes what they pulled off is almost surreal.

What I got wrong:

The suspect is a Trump supporter but has a long history of mental illness.

NOTE – There are various claims floating around the net saying that the fake bomber is a registered Democrat or Republican. Said fake bomber is a convicted felon and cannot register to vote at all. 

1 – This writer, having worked in secured mail rooms before, did not believe that someone could get these fake devices into places that he was able to. Companies and private security need to take a long look at how this happened. This man bypassed security procedures designed to stop people just like him with relative ease and his packages looked so much like a “suspicious devices” it is like they were props for a made for TV movie.

2 – Also, it seems that he did try to send some devices in the mail to others, but authorities kept that secret until today, so there was no way we could have known that.

hot dog bomb lol

This is such an obvious hoax for reasons we will state below that we felt compelled to call this one early (call it a predictive analysis piece?) with confidence. Your humble Political Arena editor has military explosives experience and when we looked at the bombs and the packaging, who the fake bombs were sent to and how, it didn’t take a stroke of genius to see this this was a poorly illustrated hoax designed to do two things:

1 – Get the media off talk about the “caravan” of 15,000 violent (they attacked Mexican police) military aged men that was organized by George Soros and his allied NGO’s (2) as a way to embarrass Trump just before the election but, polls show that this has backfired and is helping republicans.

2 – Consider this the violence version of the #Me Too movement. Democrats such as Maxine Waters and others have endorsed violence as a tactic, now that the violent mobs who have attacked Republicans on the street, in restaurants, shooting at them while playing baseball etc has largely backfired as well Democrats want to say “See we are victims too.”

The fake bombs were sent to only Democrats and fake news outlets such as CNN. Each has small ISIS flags on them. Why would ISIS only target a group so closely allied and known to collaborate together when ISIS hates all of western civilization?

The devices mails are obvious fakes just designed to look like real pipe bombs on TV. Real pipe bombs do not have the same wire stuffed onto both ends, they do not use large digital clock displays. Genuine timers and remote detonators are so small now that on real bombs they are put inside the pipe with the explosive.
The packaging on the bombs was also a dead giveaway, the stamps on the envelopes the devices came in were not cancelled, meaning that they never saw a post office, which means they were hand delivered and somehow made it to secured mail rooms.  The envelopes did not have enough postage on them to send them even if they tried and the way the packaging was all taped up virtually screamed, “Hey Look At Me I’m A Bomb!”.

The elite media, as well as their Democrat allies, immediately jumped in with the same talking points blaming Trump, complete with #MAGAbomb hashtags on social media when at the time there was no evidence of who sent them. The Democrat PR machine was planned, locked and loaded with coordinated messaging.

Our pal Michelle Malkin reminds us that faking violence, racial attacks, rapes etc in order to blame conservatives is a very common tactic among the left, much like the Reichstag Fire. Malkin has a partial list HERE.

UPDATE – More honest and skeptical experts and pundits are all calling “BS” over this story such as former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, be sure to read his piece HERE.

Among those also calling BS –

Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, James Woods, Mike Flynn Jr., Frank Gaffney (Center for Security Policy), Kurt Schlichter, Candace Owens, David Horowitz, John Cardillo, Laura Loomer, Jacob Wohl, Chadwick Moore, Dr. John Lott, Sarah Carter, Evan Sayet and so many more.

UPDATE II – CNN President Jeff Zucker immediately blamed Donald Trump and Sarah Huckabee in a his statement. Really Jeff? Sarah Huckabee?

Before it gets wiped here is the quote:

“There is a total and complete lack of understanding at the White House about the seriousness of their continued attacks on the media. The President, and especially the White House Press Secretary, should understand their words matter. Thus far, they have shown no comprehension of that.” Jeff Zucker, President CNN Worldwide.


MSNBC claims that the (fake) bomber reads Drudge Report

New York Times publishes fantasy Trump assassination piece…CNN praises (see below)


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3 Responses to The Not So Great Democrat/CNN Bomb Hoax…

  1. Nicholas R Anderson says:

    Excellent analysis Chuck. This was my first thought also, and nothing I have seen yet changes my opinion. The left is in a desperate situation and they will do anything to win the midterms so they can try to dump Trump.

  2. Chuck Norton says:

    Doral resident shouting ‘anti Trump’ rhetoric shot in police firefight at Trump National Resort

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